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Shock Trooper
Shock Trooper

European Union
*Mercury Red


Advanced anti-infantry


Machine-gun (?)
Flashbang Grenades

  • Flashbang
  • Charge
Existor APA Logo Gold The following is based on the cancelled Command & Conquer (2013) game and has not been confirmed by canon sources.
EU ShockTrooperSquad Portrait

The Shock Troopers are elite EU infantry units exclusive to Mercury Red expected to appear in Generals 2.


These fast, lethal soldiers are armed with machine-guns and flashbang grenades, useful for countering enemy infantry and clearing garrisoned structures. Flashbang grenades can also prevent re-garrisoning for a short period of time and slows down enemy infantry. They can be upgraded with the Charge upgrade, which gives the unit a speed and armour boost. It can also allow them to fire while moving.


EU flashbang icon
Flashbang Kills enemy infantry in buildings and decreases movement speed of any on the ground
Charge icon
Charge Gives squad a speed and armor boost while enabling them to fire on the move


Senior Warfighter icon
Senior Warfighter Increases armor of all infantry
Imporved Ballistics icon
Improved Ballistics Increases damage of all infantry
Hollow Point ammo icon
Hollow Point ammo Increases damage dealt to enemy infantry.


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