Show of Force
Unit Unlocked

Wave-Force artillery


2 vs 1 (like Blood Feud (Challenge))

  • Kenji and Shinzo will attack you if you're going no longer for this civil war to erupt.
  • In their civil war, the shoguns will attack each other and simply ingore you.

All Guns Blazing


Dirty Tricks

Side Unlocked


Show of Force is a Commander's Challenge mission that features two Imperial Commanders. They are Kenji Tenzai from the Creeping Death operation and Shinzo Nagama from the High-Water Mark mission, being defeated along with Douglas Hill, an Allied Co-Commander. In this round, another civil war like in Blood Feud (Challenge) has risen again and like the Futuretech Commander who was disguised as the Soviet Union, both enemy shoguns said to not battle the Commander, while in a civil war with each other. It's the twenty-seventh mission after All Guns Blazing and before Dirty Tricks.


The Futuretech Commander is sent by Kelly Weaver to Indonesia to deal with both Shinzo and Kenji. Following their civil war in Japan, they have allied together once again and only Kenji has two bases sitting in the middle. Shinzo's base is right at the north-west corner facing the sea. The Commander manages to steal the Wave-Force artillery from Kenji's two bases and defeats him along with Shinzo, just to complete two Wave-Force captures in one battle. The Wave-Force tower from Takara was taken by the Commander in a challenge that takes place on the Pacific Ocean where Assault on the Black Tortoise actually took place here.

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