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Sidearms are auxiliary weapons issued to soldiers and support personal for personal defence or as an auxiliary weapons. Most often, they are pistols, and have appeared in every war to date.

Great World War II

In the 1950s, two most popular handguns were the American Colt M1911, made famous by mercenary Tanya Adams who preferred their high power .45 ACP rounds and accuracy and used two of them. Soviet forces preferred the simple Makarov pistol, as it was rugged, reliable and easy to use.

First Tiberium War

During the first war, a variety of sidearms were used, most memorably the Beretta 92, a weapon of choice of Nod officers and Kane himself and during the closing stages of the war, the Vervac Commando Elite pistol.

Second Tiberium War

Tiberian Sun Handguns

During the Second Tiberium War, the pistols used by both sides evolved into highly advanced, accurate weapons. The pistol seen on the top in the image to the right was the personal weapon of Oxanna Kristos, a skilled Nod propagandist and assassin. It was a pistol that had a low round capacity, but thanks to the long barrel and powerful ammunition, was accurate and deadly, capable of piercing Nod combat armour with a single bullet.

The middle pistol is GDI infantry weapon of choice, used also by commander Michael McNeil. Despite it's awkward looks, it was an effective weapon, with laser and optical sights integrated within it's frame for accuracy and reliability.

Pistol in the bottom picture is a Nod sidearm, used extensively by officers and soldiers during the second war, including commander Anton Slavik and Kane. It fired large caliber slugs and was a powerful close combat tool.

Third Tiberium War

In the Third Tiberium War the sidearms evolved further. GDI employed Eagle and Nighthawk pistols, the latter capable of carrying forty .50 caliber rounds in a magazine, which replaced the outdated GD45 model used by GDI engineers.

Nod posessed their own pistol technology, including an advanced electromagnetic pistol that fired metal darts and was used to execute general Kilian Qatar for treason.

Fourth tiberium War

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