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Sigma Island
Sigma Island
Sigma Island is one of FutureTech's strongholds in the world.



Under FutureTech military


FutureTech Corporation
Soviet Underground

Appears in

Red Alert 3: Uprising


As Time Stood Still

Sigma Island is an island where FutureTech Corporation has its final stronghold here with a secret weapon known as the Sigma Harmonizer.

In The Uprising

Dasha Fedorovich tells the Soviet Commander in her underground office that Rupert Thornley has constructed a base and is using the Sigma Harmonizer to defeat the remaining resistance of the communist army. He is also responsible for the controversial POW camp deaths of civilians using a jet pack from one of FutureTech's weapons, the Cryo Legionnaire in Murmansk of northern Russia. Dasha sends the Commander to Sigma Island and defeat him for the last time, once and for all.

Thornley's Finale

The Soviets arrived on the island with Dasha supporting contact to the Commander. He destroys a Harbinger Gunship using Bullfrogs and establishes a base of operations on the island. FutureTech sees this and Thornley via contact saying that the Soviets will be frozen like a photograph attacks them. He uses heavy resistance like Lissette Hanley's Dolphins, and both Douglas Hill & Warren Fuller's US Aircraft Carriers out at sea. The Soviets crushed everything belonging to FutureTech. Four Engineers were sent to capture a Cooling Tower to deactivate the secret weapon and stop all Future Tank X-1s for about four-five minutes.

Once all the towers were captured, Dasha drives her Commander into the Sigma Harmonizer with his forces behind and smashes the Sigma Harmonizer to the ground. Thornley was defeated and couldn't created heaven all over after calling the Commander an "idiot". He resigned from FutureTech, arrested by Allied MPs for war crimes under the cover of maintaining world peace. Ms. Weaver said this will never happened again after becoming CPO of FutureTech Corporation leaving the Soviet Underground to come back as the Soviet Union. Driector Giles Price of the Office of Occupational Forces orders Allied forces to be out of Russia and Japan since Tatsu was defeated at Miyako Province.

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