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Situation Critical
Situation Critical
Soviet spy planes dropping atomic bombs on the Missile silos and Bio-Research Laboratory.

Don't Drink The Water


Brothers In Arms

Part of

Second World War


Soviet loyalist victory


Soviet Union

Soviet radical forces


Field Commander S7


1 Scientist
4 Missile submarines
4 Submarines

A radical faction of our forces has stolen a biological weapon, threatening to use it on Allied emplacements. Since the weapon is highly unstable, it could destroy us all if released.

The facility must be destroyed, but the weapon must be neutralized first. Destroy the island's defenses, then use Volkov to assist our scientist in reaching the bio-research center. If either are killed before the weapon is neutralized, the mission is a failure.

Once the scientist completes his mission, destroy the base.
- Mission briefing

Situation Critical the sixth Soviet mission in the Aftermath expansion.

Red Alert Missions

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