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YR Gameicon
YR Gameicon
Free Slaves

Yuri's Army

  • Ore Collection
  • Target Practice
  • Speed bump for enemy tanks
  • Raw material for Brute production or Grinders
  • Bio reactor plug-in (only if "liberated")


Tech level


Hit points


Armour type




Produced by

Slave Miner (automatic)

Ground attack

30 (SA)



Attack range


Sight range



Slave Miner


Immune to mind-control


Cannot be trained in Barracks

I haven't eaten in days.
- An unfortunate Slave

Slaves are resource gathering units automatically produced by Slave Miners (up to five per miner at a time) at no cost and will automatically follow their slave miner and gather any nearby ore once the miner deploys. Their owning player cannot directly control them or order their production.

If their miner is destroyed the slaves switch automatically join their liberators in gratitude and become controllable by whichever player destroyed their miner.

We're free! WE'RE FREE!!
- Slaves liberated after a slave miner was destroyed

Game Unit

We'll work for food!
- A liberated slave

Under their original command, the commander has no direct control over them, they cannot be commanded to attack or defend themselves whatsoever. They are only useful for gathering resources to gain credits or to convert into Brutes.

Liberated slaves have minimal use in battle, they cannot be used for mining and their ore stock during enslavement cannot be deposited to the liberating commanders' account. As a biological unit, they can be used as add-on power for Bio Reactors. They can also be used as an expendable scouting unit, they do however have a weak melee attack, their only advantage is that they cannot be mind controlled. While a single slave is virtually useless, a large horde of them is even less useful than that. This is because this will pose an outright liability to their new allies if their former master has a Genetic Mutator. Although being weak against most units. The slave can become strong and really be over-powered in groups against poorly defended buildings or idle tanks/infantry Slaves would only generally be useful in battle if it has reached the elite rank It can demolish tanks/building and infantry within a matter of seconds.

These Slaves can be used to distract attacking enemies for several seconds.

Selected Quotes

What can I do?
- When selected
We'll work for food!
- When selected
Liberty is sweet
- When selected
How can I help?
- When selected
- When moving
- When moving
Do I still need this shovel?
- When moving
Whatever do you say
- When moving
Hm. Okay!
- When moving
Payback time!
- When ordered to attack
Got my shovel right here!
- When ordered to attack
They pushed me too far!
- When ordered to attack
- When ordered to attack
Swing away
- When ordered to attack
- Under fire
Hey, quit it!
- Under fire
You're hurting me!
- Under fire
That's not fair!
- Under fire
You bully!
- Under fire
Ow! Owww!
- Under fire
This isn't fair!
- Under fire
They're attacking me!
- Under fire

Cut Quotes

All right, all right
- When ordered to harvest
- When ordered to harvest
This is hard work!
- When ordered to harvest
You know this stuff is heavy!
- When ordered to harvest



A liberated slave will be promoted to maximum veterancy if they kill any enemy unit. This is because promotions are given based on killing three times their own cost in enemy units. Since slaves are produced for free their base cost is zero and therefore killing any enemy unit will promote them fully.

This is hard work!
- Slave unused quote

Slaves were originally be a controllable unit even when not liberated. This is supported by the unused quotes, presumably used when ordered to harvest ore. Interestingly, they were used when sending a liberated slave to a Grinder.

It seems very strange Yuri would use physically forced slaves instead of mind controlled slaves. This could be because he believes they are not worth using mind control or it is just a show of power.

See also

  • Technician (Red Alert) - Another unit that cannot be produced in the normal fashion and almost as useless in combat.
  • Worker - A similar unit that shares a similar role in that they collect resources.
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