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Small Town USA
Small Town USA
Geographical data

United States of America


Blue Zone

Skirmish information


Game information

Tiberium Wars
Kane's Wrath


Only playable skirmish map in the Tiberium Wars demo

Small Town USA is a two-player map where two teams fight for each other and establish a large base of operations to defeat the enemy. In the middle of it is a city, where buildings can be occupied by friendly or enemy troops situated to make urban combat inside the city and from the tower in the middle of the city square.

Small Town USA Nr1

A large tower seen in the middle of the map

Both teams start at each side of the map with fewer Tiberium fields and some Tiberium spikes adjacent to the starting locations.


This is the only playable skirmish map in the Tiberium Wars demo.

Tiberium Wars skirmish maps

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