RA3 Gameicon
RA3 Gameicon
He is not protected in there!
- Jarmen Kell using his special ability
Jarmen Kell, GLA's highly skilled sharpshooter is talented enough to one-shot the pilot of any enemy vehicle. He can use this ability and then take over the vehicle for his side.
CNCG Pilot Kill Cameo

Jarmen Kell's Snipe Attack icon.

Also, in Red Alert 3, Soviet War of the Three Powers Commando Natasha was further enhanced by reports from the front that she is apparently able to use her sniper to take out the pilot of a vehicle. A loyal Soviet is then free to enter and take over in the driver's seat. This ability takes time to recharge however.


Natasha's Snipe Pilot Icon.

GDI Engineer 2047
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