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Brotherhood of Nod

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Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn


Evacuate Mobius

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Sofia is the capital city of Bulgaria. The Nod forces had to deal with Mobius and his forces when they surrounded his hospital in the capital to cure illness out of civilians.

First Tiberium War

With the First Tiberium War in its dusk, Mobius was targeted by the Brotherhood for an assassination attempt. The GDI High Command decided to defend the hospital all over to protect one of their greatest celebrities of the First Tiberium War as Nod thought he was wasting their own money and resources. The battle between GDI and Nod forces defending the hospital was tense with one faction attacking and the other defending the hospital. After Mobius was safe and with the other scientist in Shkoder out of there, GDI dismantled their two bases before Nod reinforcements arrived at the scene. Both Nod forces in Albania and Bulgaria were destroyed by a relieving GDI offensive.

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