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Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
Global Liberation Army



Key locations



First GLA War
Defending The Docks

Current status


Somalia is a country in Africa and was once the site of a U.S. aid mission that took place in its capital city of Mogadishu during the First GLA War.

Red Alert Universe

During the Third World War (Red Alert 2), Somalia was part of the Allies which led to the surrender of the Soviet Union and ended in Premier Alexander Romanov's capture. In the War of the Three Powers, Somalia was then controlled by the Soviets as they went through into conquering the Earth with communism as they destroyed both the Empire of the Rising Sun and the Allies in their campaign around the world.

Generals Universe

The Global Liberation Army had a major position here in Mogadishu and the Americans chose to bring aid to civilians in the city. The ten trucks were safe in reaching the warehouse as the GLA attacked the Americans staged at the harbor. A new U.S. base was established at the harbor and the Global Liberation Army was finally crushed by the Americans using ground forces such as Missile defenders and Crusader tanks with some assistance from the Navy consisting of some battleships and an Aircraft Carrier at the foreshore of the entire harbor.

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