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South-eastern Europe

Southeast of the European continent




Urban and Temperate


Part of the European continent

Appears in

Red Alert 1
Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3
Tiberian Dawn
Zero Hour
Tiberian Sun
Tiberium Wars

Southeastern Europe is located south-east of the European continent or known as the Balkans. Countries in that area are Bosnia, FYR Macedonia, Albania, Serbia, Bulgaria and Greece.

Tiberium Universe

The First Tiberium War had GDI fight against the Nod forces first starting in Greece where the Global Defence Initiative rescued Delphi and destroyed Nod forces coming to get him on reports he had information about Kane. Mobius was evacuated next with a bio-research lab destroyed after that with destruction to Temple Prime in Sarajevo and Nod's convoy of vehicles near Belgrade in Serbia. The Second Tiberium War had two battles here this time restoring Sarajevo as the main Nod headquarters. The Third Tiberium War once again fought over Croatia, Albania and Bosnia with a Liquid Tiberium bomb exploding all over the area instantly by the Ion Cannon.

Red Alert Universe

The Soviets invaded south-eastern Europe and the Allies fought back by infiltrating and destroyed a research center that has top-secret documents on the Iron Curtain in south-eastern Greece near the Aegean Sea. The Soviets meanwhile took the chance in invading Khalkis Island and smashing the Allies for more resources. In Counterstrike, five missions took place in Greece for the Allies. In 1986, the Allies were destroyed once again by the Soviets as they took a research plan to create the Vacuum Imploder for later missions. The Science of War became the only mission that Giles Price fought against his Soviet air force rival, Zhana Agonskaya.

Generals Universe

The Global Liberation Army struck Crete and fought for their abandoned base against American forces in the area. They had captured some Cold Fusion Reactors and a Particle Cannon in order to sink USS Reagan to the bottom of the Mediterranean. The sinking proved successful with the American naval forces saying no more to send ships out overseas and homeland security is lured back home when the GLA starts stealing twenty toxins at a toxin facility on the US West Coast.

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