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RA2 GameiconYR Gameicon
RA2 GameiconYR Gameicon
Construction Yard
Soviet CY

Soviet Union


Base construction





Tech level


Hit points


Armour type



3000 (MCV)

Produced by

Soviet MCV

Sight range




Construction yard is the primary base building in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2.


Opposed to the Second World War, there was a proliferation of construction yard designs leading up to the Third World War, but all continued to provide the same function for the Allies, Soviets and Yuri. As in the previous war, the construction yard generally completed all components before structure assembly began at the desired site. The only major advancement was that it now possessed two separate construction or queues: the main queue constructed production buildings, refineries, and support structures, while the armoury queue handled base defenses and superweapons.

It was redesigned in the War of the Three Powers, during which it could be established either on land or at water.

Game building

The Construction Yard can build the following structures:


Icon Building Requirements Role
RA2 Tesla Reactor Icons Tesla reactor none

Provides power to base

RA2 Soviet Ore Refinery Icons Ore refinery Tesla reactor

Converts ore to credits

RA2 Soviet Barracks Icons Barracks Tesla reactor

Trains infantry

RA2 Soviet War Factory Icons War factory

Builds units

RA2 Radar Tower Icons Radar tower Ore refinery

Base radar

RA2 Soviet Naval Shipyard Icons Naval shipyard Ore refinery
  • Builds naval vessels
  • Naval vessels repair
RA2 Soviet Service Depot Icons Service depot War factory

Vehicle repair

RA2 Soviet Battle Lab Icons Battle lab

Advanced tech items

RA2 Nuclear Reactor Icons Nuclear reactor Battle lab

Provides power to base

RA2 Cloning Vats Icons Cloning vat

Create a clone of any infantry trained

YR Industrial Plant Icons Industrial Plant

Decreased the price and build-time of vehicles, ships, and aircraft by 25%

RA2 Iron Curtain Icons Iron Curtain Battle lab


RA2 Nuclear Missile Silo Icons Nuclear missile silo Battle lab

Nuke attack


Icon Building Requirements Role
YR Battle Bunker Icons Battle Bunker Yuri's Revenge only

Infantry bunker

RA2 Soviet Walls Icons Fortress Walls Barracks

Base defense wall

RA2 Sentry Gun Icons Sentry Gun Barracks

Anti-infantry defense

RA2 Flak Cannon Icons Flak cannon Barracks

Anti-aicraft defense

RA2 Tesla Coil Icons Tesla coil Radar tower

Advanced anti-ground base defense

RA2 Psychic Sensor Icons Psychic sensor

Intelligence gathering


RA2Sovietlogo Soviet Third World War Arsenal RA2Sovietlogo

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