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Construction Yard
  • On land
  • On water

Soviet Union


Base construction
Radar provider




3000 (MCV)

Produced by

Soviet MCV

RA3 Soviet Construction Yard Icons

The Construction yard is the heart of every Soviet base during War of the Three Powers and the Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3: Uprising.


The Soviet construction yard can employ modules, but rely on manual labor. Components completed at the construction yard are immediately moved and consumed at the construction site. These structures are vulnerable to attack while under construction. Like the Allies, the Soviets also deployed Outposts to produce buildings outside of their base.

The Soviet Construction Yard can also build Crusher Cranes, which can produce buildings just like the construction yard, which allows Soviet bases to be built faster. This also makes the loss of a construction yard less of a critical blow.


RA3 Soviet Packup Icons
Pack Up Converts to a Mobile Construction Vehicle, which may then redeploy to new locations.

Game building

The construction yard can build the following:



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