Spain (Red Alert)

Empire of the Rising Sun
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Spain was a member of the Allies during Great World War II, Great World War III and War of the Three Powers. The Vindicator Bomber was made here.


In the Great World War II, a map of Western Europe sees that Spain is unoccupied by the Soviets. The Red Army's mob had stretched an empire from China to Germany and Italy. Spain was due to be conquested by the enemy mob in the Soviet campaign. By 1972, Spain was involved with the Allied forces and was one of them in the Treaty of the Atlantic Sea part at the end of the Allied campaign.

During the War of the Three Powers, the whole country was captured by the Red Army, but when an Allied offensive went on, all of the country has been liberated. The peninsula known as Gibraltar was captured by the Imperials to stage air raids at the Allies and the USSR. The Vindicator Bomber was made here, but if the Soviets captured it and tested this bomber out, they will have the chance to bomb Allied targets in Denmark, the Netherlands and Great Britain.

Areas of Interest

Gibraltar: The Assault Destroyer column mounted an amphibious assault here, while the Akula Subs fight the Imperial Navy.

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