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Designed to complement other Allied weapons platforms, the Spyglass target designator (colloquially called the "target painter") relays targeting information to nearby Allied forces. By automatically interfacing with their weapons systems, the target painter makes other forces more accurate and deadly by compensating for wind direction, visibility, and more than 100 marginal factors--all of which add up. A Guardian Tank is unable to maintain the beam through the recoil of its main gun's firing sequence, so Guardian crews must coordinate well to decide which unit within the column is going to "cast the lure" (as Guardian technicians put it) while the others press the attack.
- Guardian Tank Unit Profile[1]
RA3 Target Painter Icons

Guardian Tanks Spyglass targeting designator in action

Spyglass target designator is an illuminating device on Allied's Guardian Tank. The device work with a nearly the same principle with real world "leight light" and target designator. Their principle mainly is to illuminate enemy target (mainly armor) and exposing its position to friendly unit. Unlike laser based target designator, the light is visible to normal eye. The light will also illuminate enemy weak spot by chance, making its target much more vunerable. The illumination is also bright enought that air unit may spot the target with ease.When active the designator also transmit the enemy position so that siege and bombardment unit may strike with better precision. The tank need to continuously illuminate the target for the effect to take place and thus, is adviced to refrain from using the tank's main gun in the fear that gun's recoil would make the effect failed. The light cannot harm the target directly.



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