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CNCTW Stormrider
Kane Edition skin

CNCTW Scrin Emblem Scrin
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Multirole aircraft


Plasma cannon





Hit points


Armour type

Medium (100% Cannon, 100% Rocket, 100% Grenade, 100% Gun, 1% Sniper)



Build time


Produced by

Gravity Stabilizer



Ground attack

100 (Rocket), fires in clips of 4, 75% scalar against APCs, Pitbulls, Stealth Tanks, Attack Bikes, Gun Walkers, and Seekers

Air attack

100 (Rocket)


0.4 seconds, additional 0.75 seconds every 4 shots

Air speed


Attack range


Sight range



CNCTW Stormrider Ability Cameo Stormrider

Incoming alien air! Blow those suckers out of the sky!
- GDI Soldier
CNCTW Stormrider Cameo

Stormriders were standard Scrin multi-purpose aircraft during the Third Tiberium War.


Fast and versatile, the Stormrider has a strong airframe and is armed with a single, omni-directional plasma cannon with an unlimited power supply. This weapon is capable of engaging both ground and airborne targets but suffers from a relatively weak power output. Stormriders are usually only capable of causing significant damage in groups of four or more. It is an ideal, if expensive, unit for scouting because of its high speed and ability to bypass obstacles as an air unit.

The Stormrider's name is derived from observations made by GDI field operatives, who noticed that the craft operated more effectively in an ion storm. The Scrin possess the technology to generate a localized ion storm at will, which is outfitted on board their Planetary Assault Carriers and Storm Column base defenses. While human technology takes damage from ion storms, all Scrin air units, including the Devastator Warships, can utilize these storms to gain a tremendous boost in protection as well as self-repair. Because of this, groups of Carriers and Warships escorted by groups of Stormriders are an exceptionally powerful combination.

The Stormriders bear a striking resemblance to the now retired Nod Banshee, which was known to have been based on reverse-engineered Scrin technology. Therefore, there are those who assume that the Stormrider was the basis upon which the Banshee was developed.


CNCTW Stormrider Ability Cameo
Stormrider The Stormrider is buffed upon entering an Ion Storm by adding +25% damage and reducing incoming damage by adding 25% damage reduction, and being healed for 5% of its life for every second of the Ion Storm effect. This effect is lost shortly after it leaves the storm.
CNCTW Return to base Cameo
Return to Base Orders the Stormrider to break off and immediately return to its docking station (Ctrl+F).



  • No need to reload, only docks at a Gravity stabilizer for repairs
  • Fast
  • More durable than Orcas and Venoms
  • Self-repairs and deals additional damage in ion storms (generated by allies or enemies)
  • Good against vehicles and aircraft
  • Useful in distracting enemy base defenses and units to allow more powerful units to finish them off.
  • Its unique pylon turn attack style makes it able to flank some slow-turning anti-air units like the Mammoth Mk. III


  • While it does not need reloading, it takes up limited docking space at the Gravity stabilizer
  • Short range, circles directly above its target
  • Somewhat expensive
  • Ineffective against infantry
  • Only deals major damage when massed


CNCKW Scrin logo Scrin Third Tiberium War Arsenal CNCKW Scrin logo

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