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ZH Gameicon
ZH Gameicon
Super Hacker
Generals Hacker

China (Fai only)


Covert ops infantry


Body armour

Hit points


Armor type

Infantry General Human Armor



Build time


Produced by

China Barracks


Propaganda Center

Hot key



20 (10 when badly hurt)

Sight range


Gen1 Disable Building Icons
Disable structures
Gen1 Hack Internet Icons
Hack internet
Gen1 Disable Vehicle Icons
Disable vehicles
Gen1 Hacker Icons

The Hackers in General Shin Fai's employ received advanced training from Black Lotus, enabling them to disable enemy vehicles. They received the honorary title of Super Hacker once they reached this level.


Super Hacker, Ready for link-up!
- Super Hacker

Like normal Hackers, they still were employed in illegally accessing the insecure bank accounts of unsuspecting Internet users, covertly diverting money into China's military coffers. Their ability to disable enemy vehicles made them much more useful on the front lines.


Disable Building
Gen1 Disable Building Icons
The Super Hacker uses a strong computer virus to disable enemy buildings.
Hack Internet
Gen1 Hack Internet Icons
The Super Hacker sits down and deploys his laptop in order to hack money from the internet. Generates a constant stream of money and experience for the Hacker, but the Hacker is undefended.
Disable Vehicle
Gen1 Disable Vehicle Icons
The Super Hacker uses a computer virus to disable a vehicle's electronics.

Game unitEdit


Black Lotus has trained us well
- Super Hacker

If a general could get them into a base they could quickly disable key vehicles that made up the enemy's defense. Because of the fact that they were stealthed, even when walking and hacking cash, was an great advantage in the attack on enemy vehicles. Unlike Lotus, Hackers needed to stay in contact with the vehicle/building to disable them.

Like the normal Hackers they were often trained midway through a battle in order to stop a commander's funds running out and could be protected inside an Internet Center.


If an enemy could get to the Super Hacker they could be taken down easily by anti-infantry fire, although they were usually escorted by guards. Long-range attacks such as Scud launcher or Inferno cannon as well as aircraft were more effective as they could target a Hacker from outside his range. But none of them were as deadly as the Pathfinder snipers of the USA and Jarmen Kell, as they both could detect Super Hackers and kill them off with ease.


I will get control of their building
- Super Hacker Capture Building unused quote

According to the Zero Hour's sound files, the Super Hacker's original third ability was the building capture, the building capture ability was likely removed due to the fact that it would make the Super Hacker to more or less, share the same functions as Super Lotus. Being cheaper to train and mass, it would have unbalanced the game and made Super Lotus redundant.

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