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RA3 Gameicon
RA3 Gameicon
Super Reactor
  • On land
  • On water


  • Provides Power
  • Allow development of certain units

Violent explosion upon destruction

Armour type






Build time

0:30 (RA3, RA3 Uprising)



You think you are so smart blowing up this reactor, blowing up that reactor! You only breached the outer defenses.
- Oleg Vodnik
RA3 Super Reactor Icons

The Soviet Super Reactor is a large power plant. Taking the place of the Nuclear Reactor from GWWIII, it supplies Soviet bases with a very large amount of power. It offers a more cost effective way of generating power, providing five times as much power as a normal Soviet Power Plant, for a little over double the cost. In addition, it allows commanders access to more power-intensive units and technologies, including Tesla Troopers, Akula submarines and Hammer Tanks.

The Reactor costs $2000 and can be constructed on water.

A Super Reactor will explode violently if it is destroyed, taking out any nearby units and structures including aircraft. To decrease risk to troops assaulting the reactor, always attack it from a distance or capture it with an engineer. It is also noted at the last Soviet mission, when you have 3 or more Super Reactors and the Sigma Harmonizer is activated you will lose power.


The explosion of the super reactor should not be atomic, because there is no knowledge of nuclear fission thanks to premier Anatoly Cherdenko, who removed Albert Einstein from time.

On the other hand, the in-game model shows a nuclear symbol on the small generator chamber, next to the blueishly glowing entrance luke.

It's possible however, that a scientist may have discovered nuclear energy, but did not call it nuclear or even discovered its explosive qualities. Although the scientist could just have covered that up.

However even before the atomic bomb scientist figured out that splitting an atom would produce explosive results they figured that it would. The atomic theory has been around since at least the early 1900 before Einstein was erased as well as him being one of many scientists working on splitting the atom for purposes . As well as radioactivity being known about since 1896. It may not be nuclear like a nuclear reactor but that doesn't mean it is not radioactive.

Though the reactor may not be nuclear, it still forms a toxic byproduct used by Desolator Troopers for its quick evaporating and extremely toxic qualities.

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