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Suppressing Fire
Gen2 EU Supressing Fire
  • Support Power
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Welcome back, General!
Suppressing Fire contains upcoming content from Command & Conquer (Generals 2).
The content may change substantially over time as more details are revealed.

Suppressing Fire is a player power exclusive to the EU General Salvo.

It enables Salvo to call in an artillery strike that blankets a long path. When used, it can be directed in a path of Salvo’s choosing. Once the path has been set, a series of high powered artillery shots will be fired in succession along the path. Salvo can use the artillery strikes to hammer a dug in enemy position or sweep across a massive army, ensuring that all enemies are hit.

It can also be used it to prevent enemies from escaping by painting the path of the strikes so that they start at the enemy’s point of escape and slowly move forward, Salvo can force the enemy into either his forces or his artillery strikes.

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