Symphony of Steel
Unit Unlocked

Steel Ronin


1 vs 1


Where Satellites Go To Die


Athena's Wrath

Side Unlocked

Dirty Tricks

Side Unlocked

Caught in the Crossfire

Side Unlocked

Gosh Darn Mongolians!

Symphony of Steel is a Commander's Challenge mission which features a Commander that was defeated in the Blood Feud (Challenge), Kenji Tenzai. He tells the Futuretech Commander that his Steel Ronins are best known and made from that exact material, the Commander's up against. Kenji also had the Steel Ronins, if using a Wave-force glaive on the Commander. It's the fifth mission after Vera Belova got defeated by the same Commander that captured her Oil Derricks. The next mission introduced Lydia Winters to FutureTech in Athena's Wrath.


With four technologies taken, the Futuretech Commander is told to go to Japan for the second time round because Kenji has a Steel Ronin for training in this alley named in honor of shoguns who served under both Emperor Yoshiro and Crown Prince Tatsu. Unfortunately, Kenji has three bases and the Commander must set up his force of units for the perfect showdown. He manages to smash the bases and defeat Kenji in one single stroke. The Futuretech Commander has the Steel Ronin in his arsenal and returns to Amsterdam for another mission briefing with his FutureTech CPO, Kelly Weaver.

Strategies and Notes

  • Kenji will only send Archer Maidens and Steel Ronin.
  • Steel Ronin are vulnerable to aircraft, the earliest aircraft that can be unlocked is the Striker/Chopper VX, so expect to play as the Empire for this mission.

Briefing Information

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