ZH Gameicon
ZH Gameicon
Tactical nuke MiG

China (Tao only)


Multi-role fighter


2 Tactical-nuke missiles (standard configuration)



Hit points

160 (200 with MiG Armor)

Armour type

Plane Armor



Produced by

China Airfield

Ground attack

100 (300 with Tactical Nuke)

Air attack

100 (300 with Tactical Nuke)

Air speed


Attack range

320 (minimum 80)

Sight range


Gen1 MiG Armour Icons
MiG Armor

Adds shockwave damage if Tactical Nuke upgrade is researched

Gen1 MiG Icons

The Tactical Nuke MiG is a modified Chinese MiG unique to General Tsing Shi Tao. It requires the Tactical Nuclear MiG upgrade from the missile silo.


What some might call overkill, this nuclear obsessed general calls a frontline plane. The nuclear tipped AAMs in this plane have a critical mass of fissile material mounted in them, and when they strike the target, a micro-nuke will be detonated.


Gen1 MiG Armour Icons
MiG Armor Upgraded MiGs' armour. Developed at the China Airfield for a cost of $1200.
ZH Tactical Nuke Mig Icons
Tactical Nuke MiG Equipped the MIG with a far more devastating Nuclear payload. Developed at the missile silo for a cost of $2000. Only available to General Tsing Shi Tao.

Game unit

The results of the nuclear missiles are devastating. Infantry get blasted rather violently into low earth orbit while vehicles tend to be blown violently into the air. The height varies depending on how many MiGs attack but if the target has enough health, it can run the risk of being blown completely out of the map.

Against aircraft however, the MiGs can sometimes become co-victims of mutually assured destruction as they get caught in their own attack.

This MiG rivals with the King Raptor of General Malcolm Granger.

After tactical nuke upgrade, it is capable of taking out most AA vehicles like quad cannon and enemy gatling tank in one strike while laser-guided missiles upgraded King Raptor cannot (heavily damaged though). Few exceptions being USA avenger which simply intercept two missiles with Point defense laser, China overlord/emperor tank with substantial amount of hit points and General Kwai's veteran Gatling tank can barely survive due to extra durability.



  • An alternate version of original MiG
  • Decimates most targets especially aircraft and vehicles
  • ECM tank can't do much about its missiles due to large blast radius.
  • Leaves radiation upon attacking, harming infantry below violently
  • Gains veterancy faster than the standard one due to having an aggressively destructive weapon


  • Still weak armour
  • Sometimes attacking causes friendly fire
  • Cannot create firestorms, making it somewhat weaker than other MiGs before tactical nuke upgrade.
  • Has a tendency to blow self up
  • Unreliable against aircraft

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