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Tank Destroyer
Tank Destroyer

RA2Alliedlogo Allies (Germany only)


Anti-armour support


Advanced armour-piercing AT gun



Tech level


Hit points


Armour type




Build time


Produced by

Allied War Factory


Air Force Command

Ground attack
  • 150 (UltraAP)
  • 175 (when elite) (UltraAPE)

70 (60 when elite)



Attack range

5 (6.75 when elite)

Sight range


Elite upgrade

Increased strength, firepower, rate of fire, self-healing

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You call THAT armor?
- Tank Destroyer taunting
RA2 Tank Destroyer Icons
RA2 Tank Destroyer Veteran Icons

The Tank Destroyer is a German Allied armored vehicle of the Third World War. The tank's chassis is taken from a Merkava.


The German Tank Destroyer can easily eliminate enemy vehicles. Its advanced armor-piercing gun is weak against enemy infantry and structures.
- Red Alert 2 German multiplayer loading screen

It has a large anti-tank cannon mounted on a flexible, tracked platform, which is capable of easily destroying enemy tanks, even punching through the heavy armor of the Apocalypse tanks and ore miners like War miners and Slave miners. However, the tank destroyer was strictly capable of anti-armor support only. The shaped charge it used was easily capable of compromising any tank, but it was nearly useless against infantry or structures. It was also relatively lightly armored and unable to attack air units, meaning that protection from other units such as Grizzly tanks, IFVs, and Rocketeers was often needed. And they can still lose to Apocalypse tanks in one-on-one matches, making them better to use in large groups against vehicles.

However, as the Soviet Army typically was confident in the power of its armoured divisions, the Tank Destroyers overspecialization meant it filled a vital niche in the German forces.

It is not known to operate after the events of the Psychic Dominator Disaster.

Game Unit

The Tank Destroyer appears in some single-player missions of Yuri's Revenge, but is also constructible in multiplayer of both Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge. The player must choose the German Allied nation in order to build it. Chances are one might find one in random crates in skirmish mode, no matter what the player's country is.

The UltraAP damage type deals full damage to units with light and heavy armor, less than half damage to medium armor, and barely any to everything else; the Tank Destroyer's weapon is efficient against vehicles, but not infantry.

Having too many tank destroyers is highly discouraged (only second to all engineering IFVs army) as your army will end up destroying nothing other than enemy vehicles. Since tank destroyers are useless against enemy infantry and buildings, it's nearly impossible to wipe out an enemy base using only tank destroyers.

Tank destroyers are not recommended to have for defending bases against groups of enemy infantry, they also do very little damage. However, they are good at crushing enemy infantry under their treads.

The AI usually attack with 4 Tank destroyers. They prioritize enemy vehicles above all other targets, and will completely ignore any building or enemy troop while even any vehicle exists on the battlefield. If all vehicles are destroyed, Tank destroyers become like any other tank with no preferred target and will attack the nearest building to them regardless of type (although they are useless against buildings and infantry). If (once all vehicles are destroyed) they happen to become aware of an enemy troop prior of their attack, they will change targets to attack the enemy unit instead.



  • Strong against vehicles and grounded aircraft, especially in numbers.
  • Can even punch through the front armor plating of Apocalypse Tanks and ore miners.
  • Same cost as a Rhino Tank ($900).
  • Can act as mobile anti-armor defense.
  • Better armor than the Grizzly Tanks.
  • Can destroy most light units in a single shot like Prism Tanks, or V3 Rocket Launchers.
  • If elite status with Firepower Upgrade from crates, it can destroy most tanks with single shots.


  • Useless against non-vehicles. (however, they can still crush infantry under their treads by force-moving)
  • Cannot attack aircraft.
  • Slower than the Rhino Tank.
  • Still lose against Apocalypse Tanks in one on one matches.
  • Inaccurate against moving vehicles.
  • Guardian GIs, Tesla Troopers, and Brutes are a nightmare to these vehicles due to their anti-armor capabilities and the fact that they cannot be crushed.
  • Cannot rotate its turret.
  • Only available to Germany.

Behind the Scenes

The problem with its main gun is very similar to the problem with some high-velocity anti-tank guns during real-life World War 2, such as the German 75mm gun on the famed Panther tank or the British QF 17-pounder, which were very effective against enemy vehicles but had trouble dealing with other targets. As for this vehicle itself, it is very much reminiscent of the Ferdinand Elefant of WWII fame: excellent tank killer, but useless against infantry and many fortifications. These guns achieved superior armor-piercing capabilities by firing their projectiles at higher velocities than other artilleries of comparable caliber. This tends to call for a larger propellant charge, which in term leads to high-pressure build up in the gun breech when firing. In order to withstand this high pressure, projectiles for such guns tend to be designed with thick outer shells. While armor-piercing ammunition, not solely reliant on projectile mass, work well in this setup, in high-explosive ammunition this imposes yet another limit on the amount of explosives that can be carried within the projectile shells, thereby reducing their destructive power against buildings and personnel. One solution is to adopt a reduced propellant charge and a correspondingly thinner projectile shell for high-explosive rounds, which is presumably part of the upgrade when a Tank Destroyer becomes Elite. Doing so makes aiming the gun more complicated, however, as the slower speed of the high-explosive shells must be taken into account for generating a firing solution.


  • In Chinese version, Tank Destroyer is mistakenly translated as "坦克殺手 (Tank Killer)", the correct translation should be "坦克殲擊車 (Tank Eliminator Vehicle)".
  • Since World War II, real-life tank destroyers had been largely phased out. Their roles are taken by advanced IFVs such as M2 Bradley which carries anti-tank missiles.
  • The Tank Destroyer is similar to another Allied country-exclusive unit, the Sniper, since both units are only strong against their kind and weak against everything else.

Selected Quote

In the original Red Alert 2, the Tank Destroyer simply shares the voices of all other Allied vehicles. It was given a unique voice set for Yuri's Revenge.

Tank destroyer reporting
- When selected
No armor's too tough
- When selected
They gotta get through me first!
- When selected
Not a tank I can't break
- When selected
Deutschland's finest
- When selected
Taking position
- When moving
- When moving
In the field
- When moving
Moving forward
- When moving
Demolition Derby time
- When ordered to attack
Let's see who's tougher
- When ordered to attack
Piece by piece
- When ordered to attack
Nothing left but junk
- When ordered to attack
You call THAT armor?
- When ordered to attack


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