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For tanks in other universes.

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Tanks circa WWIII

Tanks (also called Armor) are armored vehicles with treads, that often make up the backbone of offensive taskforces. Historically, Tanks first appeared during the Great World War I, earning their name from the water tanks they were disguised as. Generally, tanks have one or more cannon(s) which did good damage to structures, vehicles, other tanks, but had difficulty accurately hitting smaller infantry, and therefore dealt less damage via shrapnel. However, as even light tanks weigh several tons, these machines can easily crush infantry by running them over.

Against their armor plating, small-arms fire is generally ineffective; however rockets and missiles do greater damage. Also, few tanks have any anti-air defense, and those that due are often still incapable of adequately defending themselves against air attacks.

Early on, tanks were generally classified by weight, lighter tanks being faster and cheaper, but weaker. Unless in superior numbers (which, considering their greater efficiency, was achievable), light tanks could not defeat medium tanks. Medium tanks could not defeat easily heavy tanks, and heavy tanks could not easily defeat Super Heavy tanks such as the Mammoth Tank. Modern warfare use the term Main Battle Tank (MBT) to refer to tanks used primarily used by one side.

The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, for example, were well known for their use of their powerful and advanced tank battalions.

Great World War II

RA1 AF Tesla Tank Icons

Tesla tanks are mobile tesla coils

During the Great World War II, both the Allies and Soviets utilized tanks, however, with greatly different design philosophies. The Allies chose cheaper, faster and less advanced M60 Patton light tanks, the M2 Bradley Modified Infantry Fighting Vehicle and the M1 Abrams medium MBTs, while the Soviets chose larger T-80 advanced heavy tanks, the unrivaled, technologically superior Mammoth tanks, and the gargantuan Super tank. However, the Soviet designs were slower and more costly, and some historians believe their over reliance on brute force was a flaw that helped the Allies win.

Both sides also had a specialized 'tank', both of which lacked the armor of true tanks. The Allies had the Chrono tank, a missile carrier which could chronoshift across the battlefield, while the Soviets fielded Tesla tanks, which were a lower-yield version of the Soviet Tesla coil on wheels. The Soviets also commenced work on nuclear-powered super tanks. These virtually unstoppable vehicles were completely computer-controlled, had big oversized tank guns, heavy armor, heavy Vulcan guns and a nuclear engine, but when the designer of the tanks defected, he altered the programming, causing them to go berserk. The Allies destroyed the prototypes. The MAD Tanks were also built with shockwave weapons that, once activated, takes anything in the area with it, leaving only infantry unscarred.

Great World War III

Allied Tanks

Prism Blast

Prism tanks are one of the Allies most advanced tanks.

The Allies' MBT, the Grizzly Tank continued the Allied tradition of fast, cost effective armored vehicles. While relatively fragile, it was nonetheless effective. The Allies also developed the Mirage tank, a light vehicle capable of camouflaging itself as trees, and the Prism tank, boasting a powerful directed energy weapon (although it has these abilities the mirage tank is till not as advanced as the dreaded Apocalypse tank). During the Psychic Dominator Disaster, the Allied developed the Robot Tank, a light, fast, highly mobile hovering platform that was immune to mind control. The German army utilized Tank Destroyers, lightly armored vehicles whose primary purpose, as the name suggested, was to combat enemy tanks.

Soviet Tanks

Apocalypse Tank

The extreme end of Soviet brute force and their advanced tank technology was the Apocalypse Tank.

The Soviet Union continued its doctrine of brute force and technology. The Rhino tank, the Soviet's MBT, was slower and more expensive, but definitely more destructive and advanced, than the Grizzly. Russia continued to use upgraded Tesla tanks which were now capable eliminating vehicles with ease as well as infantry, and the Mammoth Tank design was improved, and the designation ominously changed to the extremely advanced Apocalypse tank, an extremely dangerous vehicle. The Black Guard, the most elite and advanced Apocalypse crews in the Union, served as Romanov's personal bodyguard, protecting the Kremlin from attack. The Soviets' tanks are advanced and powerful but lacked speed, they also lacked in number of tanks. However, the Soviet tanks are more versatile then the other factions' because of the Apocalypse tank.

Yuri Tanks

Lasher tank Render

Yuri's army relied upon the Lasher tank, which was even cheaper and faster than the Grizzly, but also was underarmored and lacked firepower compared to the MBTs of the opposition. Gattling Tanks are powerful infantry killers that could also tear apart aircraft, though they were lightly armored as well. The Magnetron was a unique tank which used powerful magnets to drag enemy armor helplessly towards Yuri's front, where they were vulnerable. The Mastermind was essentially a psychic tower on treads, capable of mind controlling any unit unlucky enough to find itself in range.

However, the Lasher had equal firepower and armor as the Grizzly, suggesting that Yuri might have better tank technology than the opposing sides. Some historians and commanders believe that his over-reliance on overly generalized units, such as the Boomer Submarine and the Floating Disc, unit roles that are glaringly empty such as anti-air/infantry/naval units as well as a land transport, and units that require far too much micromanagement such as the Magnetron Electromagnetic artillery tank lead to his imminent downfall.

Red Alert iPhone

Allied Tanks

The Allies only used two powerful tanks: The upgraded Prism Tank and the Paladin Tank. The Prism Tank is more armored and the Paladin tank was stronger than the Heavy Tank.

Soviet Tanks

The USSR uses only the Heavy Tank and the Apocalypse Tank. The Apocalypse Tank cannot attack air and it cannot crush other vehicles while the Heavy Tank is inferior to the Paladin Tank.

War of the three powers

Tank technology has changed in a global scale when the timeline was altered by Einstein's erasure, resulting in the recent conflict, the real World War III. Even the changes are made apparent: the Allied Tanks had more manoeuvrability and endurance, the Soviet Tanks were more heavily armored and slower as a result, and the Imperials have only one Tank - but proved to be technologically superior to the Allied and Soviet designs.

The Empire Of The Rising Sun

RA3 TsunamiTank1sm

The Imperial Tsunami Tank is the Empire of the Rising Sun's only MBT and the future model of Tanks yet to be assembled

The Imperials wield only the light Tsunami Tank, but being technologically advanced, it was amphibious and possessed the Kagami Armor to make up for its light armor.

The Imperials do not have many tanks, but they do have powerful anti-armor units to make up for this, for example, Rocket Angels, Wave Force artilleries, Wave force towers, Giga fortresses, Yuriko Omega, and the Tankbusters are a real menace, especially towards tanks.

Although, the Imperial Japanese Army had compensated their strength in lack of armour but instead they developed Heavy Walkers and Robotics to fight for them, which includes the airborne Stryker/Chopper VXs, the monstrous King Onis, the new Battle Mechs Steel Ronins, and the Shogun Executioner take on the heavy assault role.

The Allied Nations

RA3 GuardianTank1sm

The new MBT-X8 Guardian Tank in display.

The Allies used the MBT-X8 Guardian Tank as a standard MBT, which was armed with a 90mm cannon and a laser painter and was faster and more powerful than its predecessors, but it still won't defeat the Soviet Union MBT, the Hammer tank, in a one-on-one battle due to light armor. The high technology upgrade can give the Guardian tank more power however.

The Assault Destroyer is half Tank Destroyer and half anti-naval war ship, given its updates which includes crushing smaller units and attacking Akula and Yari subs and its special Blackhole Armor.

Mirage tanks were powerful tanks, armed with Spectrum Cannons and Mirage generators.

The Allies developed better anti-armour weapons this time, including the Allied Nations most powerful Air Force which are better at destroying tanks of the enemy, Tanya Adams, who can run straight into them and blow them up easily. Javelin soldiers are also very effective with their Laser Guided Mode on, Spectrum towers which has powerful beams of light, cryo legionnaires which freezes group of tanks, while Spies can bribe enemy units.

The Chronosphere and its Chrono-Swap ability is another reason the Allies eschew Vehicle Transports.

In the time of the Uprising, Futuretech's new Future Tank X-1 is a new, even more expensive, walker/tank robot hybrid than most of the Tanks, which is armed with Neutron Cannons and Riot Lasers to decimate even Apocalypse Tanks, but compared with said tanks, it is pricy and is void of any anti-air defenses.

Warren Fuller, who specialize in ground forces of the Allied Nations, have been known to deploy tanks on land, including Assault Destroyers to back up his troops.

The Soviet Union

Red Alert 3 Apoc Tank

Armed with "Drakon" Cannons and the "Schuka" M-Harpoon, the infamous and feared Apocalypse earns its reputation as a pure anti-armor tank.

Soviet tank technology advancement granted them Hammer Tanks which have heavier armor but has slower speed than the other counterparts and is armed with Leech Beams and a slightly inferior 85mm Anti-Armor Cannon to replace the aging, GWIII-era Rhino Tank, and upgrades to the Apocalypse Tanks, making them once again the most toughest tank (in one-on-one combat with other tanks) and arming them with the "Schuka" M-Harpoon, grinding up lesser tanks in a fashion similar to Yuri's Magnetrons, the only difference is that, unlike the Magnetron, the Apocalypse simply drags them to its grinders.

The Soviets, with compact transport technology upgrades, can now transport their tanks around the battlefield with the new Twinblade assault helicopters.

The tesla tank prototype experimental unit was redesigned and reissued, giving it the Tesla Surge ability, but was not available for public use - not yet.

Soviet Assault General Oleg was reported to be a heavy user of Tank technology, given his preferred vehicles include Hammer and Apocalypse Tanks.

Soviet secret protocols like the Terror Drone suprise upgrade which may allow Soviet Commanders to put Terror Drones inside their tanks, giving opponent a suprise attack from these tiny terrors, and another upgrade for the Soviet Tanks were the Grinder Treads upgrade that allows them to repair themselves - all while crushing every hostile tango under these threads.

The Uprising-Era Grinder is the latest addition to the Soviet tank fleet that is, basically, an amphibious close-combat Tank, armed with only one weapon: its deadly grinders.

The ultimate and extreme end in superior Soviet Tank technology is, as abnormally demonic as it sounds - and is ultimately proven to be April Fools disinformation, the Mammoth Tank, a live, armored mammoth, rigged on its girth with an Apocalypse turret and its crushing tusks during its charge. This horrific monster is able to hit any unit whilst also being amphbious and may also possibly have regenerative health. Should this unit even exist, it could even be classified as an Epic-class unit, putting the Soviets at the same table as the Allied and Imperial Epic units.

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