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Tech Outpost
Tech Outpost
A Tech Outpost



Repairs units, area control

Tech level


Hit points


Armour type



1 engineer

Ground attack

25 (HE)

Air attack

25 (AP)



Attack range
  • 6 (minimum 1) (vs. ground)
  • 10 (minimum 1) (vs. air)
Sight range


The Tech Outpost is a tech building seen during Third World War and Psychic Dominator Disaster. It is basically a Service Depot with a defense system to protect it from attacks and enemy engineers.


Though of considerably less value than a Tech Airport or Tech Hospital, the Tech Outpost was of significantly greater utility than the standard Soviet and Allied Service Depots. First off, it had more health and therefore it could survive enemy fire much longer than other service depots. Additionally, it had a defensive turret, similar to that of an IFV, to prevent enemy engineers to capture it and to take down infantry and light vehicles and even can attack aircraft. Finally, when captured, it allowed additional construction to take place around it, much like a construction yard. It has a significant value for Yuri faction, as they cannot build repair depots.

This structure was seen both in Third World War and the Psychic Dominator Disaster, present in many locales, including cities, islands, and deserts. It was seen in cities and other locations of the world, such as deserts or tropical islands.

Tech Structures & Neutral Forces

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