Temple of the Tacitus



South America


Extreme levels of Tiberium contamination


Red zone


Religious cult led by Mortimer

Appears in

Tiberian Sun: Firestorm


Dogma Day Afternoon

The Temple of the Tacitus was a Mesoamerican pyramid located in Argentina and housed a fragment of the Tacitus data matrix. The area around the temple was also home to a religious cult that worshiped Tiberium and the mutated lifeforms it spawned. Led by a man called Mortimer, the cult was heavily armed and came into conflict with both GDI and Nod in their attempts to retrieve the second Tacitus fragment. While the Brotherhood failed, GDI succeeded after deploying a mutant Ghostalker supported by a Juggernaut artillery walker and a medic. The trio escorted an archeologist who ultimately identified the temple after the majority of the cult had either been killed or committed suicide after the death of their leader.
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