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For Red Alert 2 version, see Terror drone (Red Alert 2).
Terror Drone
  • Disassembler mode on land
  • Disassembler mode on water
  • Stasis Ray mode on land
  • Stasis Ray mode on water


Base unit

Robotic; Artificial Intelligence


Anti-Armour, Anti-Infantry, Scout and Support Unit.


Cutting devices, Electric Attack





Build time


Produced by

War factory

Let's take these Terror Drones out for little walk!
- Moskvin
RA3 Terror Drone Icons

Created by Sversky Robot Works, Kazminov Design Bureau's rival, terror drones are small, robotic units, about half the height of a normal Soviet Conscript, seen in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3.


Essentially, they are a large sphere with cutting and ripping tools attached to four legs, capable of latching onto, and eventually destroying, land vehicles. While almost insanely quick, easily able to outrun a military truck at full speed, they have little in the way of armour and easily succumb to any kind of opposition that has proper anti-armour weapons, added with the fact that only thin skin is sanctioned to protect its delicate machinery. This is compensated by their lethality against infantry (a drone can kill any infantry with just one jump) and their primary function - latching onto a vehicle and tearing it apart.

The terror drone has the ability to swim in water and therefore the ability to attack ships. Trait of efficiency and micro engineering has enabled engineers to install a Tesla derived powerful stasis ray which prevents vehicles from moving, as long as targeted by the ray, giving the opportunity for another drone to enter. All this makes the terror drone much more dangerous than before. These rays shoot over vehicle transmission and magnetize several of its components, making a drive train clogged as components is unable to move due to its magnetized state.

Terror Drones are again available to Soviet commanders at a War Factory. However, they are only as big as an infantry. Five can be transported in a Twinblade or Bullfrog. The appearance of the terror drone inspired another Soviet unit, rival Kazminov Design Bureau's Sickle. Being a purely robotic unit, Terror drone cannot be bribed, but is futile against magnetic based weaponry.


Fast, cheap and effective, it is no wonder that many Soviet commanders chose to use terror drones in battle (Commander Moskvin is known to be a particularly heavy user). It is a true menace to Imperial and Allied forces yet these robots have their drawbacks, too. The drones take more time to take down heavy armoured units like MCVs or the Apocalypse Tank - even the much dreaded Shogun Executioner. Repair drones can remove these drones, and if an infected vehicle was destroyed the drone inside would be likewise destroyed. Due to their light armour, certain weapons can quickly decimate terror drones, such as aerial attacks, machine guns, torpedoes, Yuriko's Special Ability, Stingray Tesla Surges and other weapons.

Resourceful commanders usually deploy these robots in two or more as an anti armour "team". Both are deployed with different setting as one may deploy statis ray and others resort to "sawing" operation. Terror drone is quite effective in the water as well inland. Just watch out for massed unit or air based unit (or both) in deploying these. It may greatly hinder mining operation or scouting unit.


The drone was originally developed as a remote control scout unit, however, commanders soon realized the potential of the terror drone as a weapon platform. Early prototypes were mounted with a variety of weaponry, from machine guns to missile racks, but limited room for ammunition in the terror drone’s small chassis and recoil issues prevented the ranged-assault terror drone from ever leaving Soviet engineering labs, though further iteration on the initial design concept would ultimately result in the creation of the manned KDB-5 Sickle.

To maintain the advantages inherent in the minute frame, designers installed iridium-alloy claws capable of slicing through several inches of reinforced steel to each of the legs. The terror drone would use these Dismantler Claws, as they came to be known, to burrow into vehicles (or chest cavities, when appropriate) and then destroy the vehicle and crew from the inside.

A long-range Zmeika Electro-Stasis ray was installed to allow the drone to immobilize enemy vehicles. Essentially a variable-frequency electromagnetic beam, it allowed the drones to engage vehicles without exposing themselves to return fire.

However, there was a major problem. Designers realized early on that the drone needed some on-board sensory and guidance system capable of locating the weak points in enemy armour within seconds of contact to minimize the exposure to enemy fire. The vast neural networks designed for this task were fiendishly difficult to program, and development stalled until a brilliant young member of the design team, Konstantin Belousov, found a solution – program the neural net through a direct interface with a human brain. Confident in his solution, he volunteered for the process.[1]

The experiment was a success. The newly-programmed terror drone destroyed vehicles 94% faster than its predecessors, increasing its kill rate and survivability. After interfacing with the drone, however, Belousov began to show signs of mental illness. He quickly fell into dementia and was finally arrested in a subway after attacking passers-by with a cattle prod. While several commentators wondered out loud whether his behaviour was a result of directly interfacing with the Terror Drone’s military neural network, his condition was officially attributed to stress. The Bureau of Robotics has refused to comment on whether later versions of the Terror Drone are still controlled via human interface.[1]


RA3 Disassembler Icons
Disassembler The Terror Drone switches to its main weapon.
RA3 Stasis Ray Icons
Stasis Ray The Terror Drone can employ a stasis ray to disable enemy vehicles.



  • Available early at Tier 1
  • Fast
  • Amphibious
  • Slightly cheap (600)
  • Special ability can stop ground units from moving and prevent landed aircraft from taking-off
  • Zmeika Electro-Stasis ray weapon has long range of attack
  • Nightmare to enemy Ore collectors
  • Can disassemble even the toughest units if they don't get repairs
  • Deadly to enemy infantry
  • Immune to desolator airstrikes
  • Can be spawned from a destroyed Soviet vehicle if Terror Drone surprise upgrade is authorized
  • Can block enemy unit's special ability. For example infected/paralyzed Rising Sun VX units can't transform into flying form or infected/paralyzed MCV can't be deployed
  • Can attack submerged units (infection only)
  • Able to be loaded into and ejected from Bullfrog Transports, also can be healed like infantry (despite being a machine)
  • Effective in water, since many naval vessels are slow-moving and Multigunner IFVs are not amphibious
  • Effective against Aircraft Carriers since they cannot launch UCAVs if infected


  • Light armor
  • Vulnerable to anti-infantry fire
  • Vulnerable to attacks from the skies
  • Vulnerable to advanced base defenses (Tesla Coils, Spectrum towers, Wave-Force towers)
  • Repair drones and Multigunner IFVs with engineers can remove terror drone infection easily, if an infected unit gets destroyed by other unit terror drone will die too
  • Can't attack aerial units (except aircraft in air base, Sunburst drones and Rocket Angels before taking off)
  • Can't damage structures
  • Special ability can't stop enemy units from attacking (except Allied Aircraft Carrier, as mentioned before but still can fire EMP missiles)
  • Can't lock down infantry (except Tesla Troopers)
  • Imperial Ore Collecters can gun them down before the drone can infect them.

Notes from the field

Battlefield reconnaissance has revealed at least these facts about the Terror Drone:

Fast Scout -- The Terror Drone was originally designed as a scouting unit and it is very good at that indeed. Their high speed allows them to quickly explore a battlefield and their effectiveness against vehicles and infantry gives them an advantage during skirmishes with the enemy. Terror Drones are only lightly armored, though, and are vulnerable even to small arms fire.

Dig In -- Terror Drones can attack both enemy infantry and vehicles with their Dismantler Claws. The claws allow the drone to pierce a vehicle’s armor and gain access to delicate electronics and instrumentation inside. Once inside a vehicle, only the trained repair crews at facilities such as the War Factory, Mecha Bay, or Crusher Crane are able to successfully remove a Terror Drone. Against infantry, the claws allow the drone to…well, let's just say the results aren’t pretty.

Stay Still -- The Terror Drone's Electro-Stasis beam can completely immobilize enemy vehicles, and a group of drones can bring a large enemy formation to a complete halt. The beam has no effect on weapon systems, but its long range allows the Terror Drone to remain outside of the effective firing range of all but the longest ranged vehicles.

Cannot Attack Aircraft -- Neither the Dismantler Claws nor the Electro-Stasis beam are able to target aircraft. Terror Drones survive either by avoiding air threats altogether or by taking cover inside the nearest enemy vehicle or Soviet bullfrog.


Despite being built by the war factory, Terror Drones have more in common with infantry, being able to be carried by troop transports, healed like infantry, swim and taken out by a single bullet from specialized anti-infantry units such as Natasha Volkova and Shinobis. Its role is somewhat in a par with Spy and Shinobi, as all of them are saboteurs (although Terror Drones can sabotage vehicles while the Spy and Shinobi can sabotage buildings).

Also, if a magnetic satellite is used on an infected heavy vehicle like Apocalypse Tanks, the Terror Drone will be sucked out and the infection will end. This can also be used on all units, provided that the infected vehicle will not be carried by the magnetic satellite.




  1. 1.0 1.1 Exclusive Interview with FutureTech. Red Alert 3 Frontpage. 2010-02-27. Los Angeles, California: Electronic Arts Los Angeles, 2009.
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