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RA2 GameiconYR Gameicon
RA2 GameiconYR Gameicon
Unit terrorist

Soviets (Cuba only)


Suicide bomber


Explosive charges



Tech level


Hit points

50 (RA2)
75 (YR)

Armour type






Build time


Produced by

Soviet Barracks


Radar Tower

Ground attack
  • 225 (TerrorBombWH)
  • 250 (IFV) (TerrorBombWH)




Attack range


Sight range



Explodes on death

25px-Disambig For the GLA unit of the same name, see Terrorist (Generals).
Here's a hot papaya!
- Terrorist, about to give hostiles a hot one
RA2 Terrorist Icons
RA2 Terrorist Veteran Icons

Terrorists were Cuban suicide bombers working for the Soviet Union during Third World War and the Psychic Dominator Disaster.


The Cuban terrorist is a fanatic for the Soviet cause and will actually carry a bomb right up to the enemy before detonating it, destroying himself and anything nearby.
- Red Alert 2 Cuba multiplayer loading screen

These fanatical communists run towards any building or unit owned by the filthy capitalists or the traitor Yuri and detonate the explosives they wear, destroying or heavily damaging the target and killing themselves. Cubans find no shortage of loyal communists willing to die for the cause of global revolution. Therefore, terrorists can be trained and armed at a low cost.

They were not seen after Cherdenko erased Einstein from history.

Game unit

Terrorists on their own are essentially a cheaper version of the Libyan Demolition truck, but they are also proportionately weaker. The result is that they have to be used en masse against a target building for full effect. However, if they are bunched up, as moving masses of infantry usually are, if even one is killed, it will cause a chain reaction of explosions that will take out the whole group. That is not even if a sniper or air strike kills one: by definition, Terrorists explode when they attack a building or killed by enemy fire as they are equiped with a dead man's swtich. If they are sent in a horde of 10-30, single-file, the explosion of the first will cause the rest to self-destruct in a chain of explosions before they even reach their target. Thus, Terrorists must be used carefully: if a large swarm of a dozen or so makes it near a building, they must make sure they hit it all at once. Even then, large groups of them can be completely destroyed even if a group of standard Allied G.I.'s manages to kill just one.

Upon dealing damage, Terrorists will perish (regardless if they damage a Wall, building or enemy Troop).

Terrorists, however, considered to be much more effective against vehicles than the Demolition Truck. Two Terrorists can successfully take out an average battlefield vehicle.

A deadly tactic involves having a Crazy Ivan plant bombs onto a Terrorist then load them into a Flak track and drive it into enemy buildings. Additionally, packed into Allied IFVs, they turn them into a mini nuke truck.

Before sending Terrorists, place a couple Rhino tanks or Apocalypses to soak up hits so the Terrorists don't die before they explode. It is helpful to place the Rhino tanks or Apocalypses a short distance away from the target building so that splash damage from a Prism tank won't catch the Terrorists as well.

When using Terrorists for defending, they will target the attackers and blow themselves up, which makes it a bad Troop to be used for defensive purposes. When attacking, they are also pretty much useless, since they come out in large groups (like 5-10 at a time), blowing up a lot of buildings if they survive, but they may also die from a single Prism tank shot.  It is also quite rare for the remaining Terrorists to blow up the first layer of the enemy base and the compartment inside.

Another tactic was to build Flak Tracks, and fill them with Terrorists before using the Iron Curtain. The Tracks were then rushed into the enemy base, before deploying the terrorists inside the base. The Tracks can then safely exit the enemy base.



  • Strong against buildings.
  • Cheap ($200 each one) to deploy in large groups.
  • Can be combined with captured Allied IFVs to make a mini nuke truck.
  • Surprisingly fast for an infantry unit.


  • Very low armour.
  • They die in order to damage the enemy.
  • If they are grouped, killing one will cause a chain reaction of explosions killing all of them.
  • Can be picked off by most anti-infantry weapons, especially the British Sniper, as well as aircraft, such as the NightHawk Transport.
  • Yuri's mind control units can take over the Terrorists before they can get close enough to the target.
  • Only available to Cuba.


What are your conditions?
- When selected
We must revolt
- When selected
Need a smuggler?
- When selected
Vamos, muchachos!
- When moving
On my way
- When moving
I go freely
- When moving
Adios amigos!
- When ordered to attack
Here's a hot papaya!
- When ordered to attack
For the republic!
- When ordered to attack
Traitors must be eliminated!
- When ordered to attack
Take me back to Havana!
- Under fire
- Under fire
I've been discovered!
- Under fire


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