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Tesla's Castle
Unit Unlocked
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Tesla Coil

1 vs 1


Chrono You Didn't



Side Unlocked

Superb Commander

Tesla's Castle is a Commander's Challenge mission from the Uprising expansion. This unlocks the Tesla Coil, the defense post for the Soviet Union. It is the tenth mission after Chrono You Didn't and Double-Barreled.


In the Commander's Challenge, the Futuretech Commander is sent to Greece to bring the Tesla Coil back to Amsterdam by defeating Moskvin at his base. The Commander defeats him despite not looking shocked at the weapons of mass electrocution and returns to Amsterdam to see if his mission had been completed in a new world record. He then goes down to Niger in defeating Oleg Vodnik and steal the Apocalypse tank from the Head of Soviet Military Affairs.

Briefing Information

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