The Cost of Devotion is the first mission in Kane's Challenge, pitting the player against the Black Hand in a Blue zone city.


As the first mission, The Cost of Devotion is also the simplest. The player starts with a construction yard near a green Tiberium field. It may be favorable to move to a nearby blue Tiberium field, but by no means necessary.

The Black hand have a decently-sized base, but it is lightly defended with only a few turrets of various types. The black hand will attack initially with infantry, attack bikes, and buggiess, with Scorpion tanks, Beam cannons Venoms, and flame tanks joining the ranks eventually.

In terms of tactics, this mission is by far the easiest, and can be beaten with practically any tactics. The Nod base can be overwhelmed by rushing large numbers of lower-tier infantry or vehicles, the player can turtle behind base defenses until they are ready to steamroll with superweapons and high-end units.

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