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RA3 The President's Limousine icon
The United States presidential state car is the official state car of the president of the United States.
  • In RA2
  • In RA3


When the Allies received a furious transmission from the premier, they became aware that a secret command post were found at Mount Rushmore. Bingham quickly contacted the president as he is the only one who is against the alliance of the Soviets due to his anti-communism views. The president quickly ended the transmission when Bingham could "thank [him] later when it is all over." Now the Allied Commander and Warren have to stop their influential now rogue leader.


The president used it to transmit the code in the communications tower at Mt. Rushmore. However, the tower was completely destroyed by the Allied Commander. The commander received a transmission from the president stating "None of you have the guts to do what needs to be done, so I'm going to wipe the Soviets off this planet myself, and you can't stop me! Should my heart stop beating, the weapon fires" Or simply the Allied Commander should NOT destroy the limo as the mission will fail.

The President's death

After the Firebase was destroyed, Ackerman attempted to teleport his limo to the local airfield and his chopper, Marine One quickly picked up the president but his apollo fighters quickly destroyed it.


The chopper used by the president to escape.


The remains of the chopper after being destroyed by the Allied Commander.

Note on the Battlefield:

Freezing the limo more than three times will cause it to be destroyed (as the Apollo Fighters would quickly destroy the Cryocopters) thus failing the mission

Your ally may attempt to destroy the limo. To prevent this, destroy the units that attempts to destroy the limo.

Use Century Bombers to quickly destroy the target but be careful as the base is loaded with anti air missiles.

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