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The Shark and the Lure
Conferences center
Allied VIPs were stuck inside these two buildings by Soviet forces.

Ride of the Red Menace


The Famous Liberation

Part of

War of the Three Powers




Cannes, France


Allied victory
Soviet naval control over the western Mediterranean eliminated
Allied leaders saved
Soviet forces stationed in France withdraw


Allied Nations

Soviet Union


Liberate Cannes and wipe out the Soviet naval presence.

Take out the Allied presence to prevent the liberation and rescue of Allied VIP leaders.


Unnamed Allied Commander]
Warren Fuller

Nikolai Moskvin


Two full regiments with both infantry and armour capacity
Agent Tanya and her infiltration team
A wing of Vindicator Bombers

Several regiments worth of infantry and armoured vehicles
Dozens of Dreadnoughts and other smaller naval vessels



  • All Allied VIPs rescued


  • Soviet naval force obliterated
  • Ground forces experience heavy casualities
  • Sergei taken prisoner and interrogated by Tanya
  • Control of the western Mediterranean eliminated
  • Soviet forces withdrew from France
Operation: The Shark and the Lure was the second Allied mission in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3.


The Soviets had been beaten back in Great Britain, with the infamous General Krukov fleeing south with whatever forces he could salvage from the debacle. While the Allies were encouraged and re-energized by the victory at Brighton Beach, elsewhere in Europe, the war continued on.

The next target for the Allies was the important French port city of Cannes, which had been conquered by a combination of Moskvin's army and the surviving forces under General Krukov. Cannes was currently playing unwilling host to a massive Soviet naval armada, which granted the communist forces control over the entire western Mediterranean, and whose elimination was necessary if the Allies were to transport material and forces throughout the sea. The situation has also been complicated by the presence of several Allied VIPs who were captured by the Soviets attending a conference just before the Red Army invaded all of France at the beginning of their land speed throughout the continent.

Seeing his success in Great Britain, President Ackerman took a strong liking to the new Allied Commander, attaching his best commando Agent Tanya Adams to his regiment in hopes that he might "kick more commie butt." With the aid of US Marine Commander Warren Fuller, the unnamed Allied Commander was dispatched to Cannes in order to retake the port, and save the Allied dignitaries.

Force Composition

The Soviets were well-entrenched at Cannes, with a fleet of Dreadnoughts, numerous Naval Yards, naval support craft and a large base on land helping them maintain their hold over the region. Several regiments worth of infantry and armour had been deployed to help defend the city, with an entire regiment of infantry guarding the port facilities and shipyards so vital to the Soviet domination of the western Mediterranean.

Thousands of technicians and naval crewmen worked upon and maintained the massive Soviet fleet, which included dozens of Dreadnoughts and Akula Submarines. One area in which the Soviet forces were deficient was air power, Moskvin had no aerial vehicles to call upon against the Allies, and had to rely upon his ground forces to shift the Allies from the port.

The Allied forces, meanwhile, were composed of two regiments worth of armoured vehicles and infantry, including several companies worth of Guardian Tanks. Initially, the regiment of the unnamed Allied Commander was absent from the battle as it was still en route to the city. However, this was made up for by the presence of Agent Tanya and her team of infiltration specialists. Finally, the Allies recovered a wing of Vindicator Bombers and their crews later on in the battle, giving them some much needed aerial firepower.

The Battle


Realizing that the Soviet naval forces could not be challenged in a head-on fight, the Allies elected to pursue a more unconventional strategy. Knowing that most of the enemy armada had been stationed in every port, the unnamed Allied Commander sent Tanya and her infiltration team to sabotage these vessels and facilities, while Commander Fuller's regiment launched an attack upon the Soviet-held city to rescue the VIPs from the Convention Center. A full regiment of Soviet infantry had been stationed to protect the port facilities, while Tesla Coil defenses made approaching the islands difficult. Fortunately for the Allies, however, Tanya's Spies were well-versed in disguises and infiltration, and were able to slip past these defenses and shut them down.

Dozens of Soviet troops were killed as Tanya and her team snuck their way through the harbor, crippling Reactor stations and mining the Soviet vessels with explosives. By the time they were finished, most of the enemy were barely aware of their existence, while all those who did were swiftly put out of their misery. With the charges set, Tanya and her team stormed the Port Authority building, luring most of the Soviet fleet back to base with a falsified message about enemy infiltrators.

When most of the fleet was in place, Tanya sprung her trap, detonating the charges, destroying the Soviet shipyards and docks while sending dozens of vessels straight to the bottom, effectively crippling the Soviet armada with one swift stroke. Meanwhile, on land, Commander Fuller was moving onto the Cannes Convention Center, where the Allied VIPs were being held. His forces routed the Soviets there and rescued the Allied leaders, before moving to hold off the Soviet counter-attack toward the Allied bases.

The Liberation of Cannes

At this point, the unnamed Allied Commander's own regiment was brought in via Chronosphere, and began advancing upon the Soviet base in the eastern portion of the city. Realizing that he would need time to establish defenses, Moskvin ordered whatever Dreadnoughts that survived Tanya's sabotage to make for the coastline and begin bombarding the Allied forces as they advanced. Under the cover of their rocket fire, Moskvin hoped to keep the Allies at bay while he rallied his own forces to drive the insolent capitalists out of Cannes. For a time, this strategy proved successful, until Tanya destroyed the large Soviet vessels with her C4 charges, clearing the way.

Later, Tanya and her surviving infiltration team struck the Soviet blockade around a captured Allied airfield, liberating both the pilots and their Vindicator Bombers. These planes, then began staging bombing runs upon the Soviet base, targeting the massive Super Reactors that provided the base its power.

As Reactor after Reactor exploded, taking much of the base with it, Moskvin and Fuller's forces clashed in the middle of the city. Seizing the opportunity, the unnamed Allied Commander struck the Soviet fortifications on their left flank with a powerful force of infantry and armour, digging into the relatively undefended position. Caught between the hammer and the anvil, the Soviet resistance collapsed. Moskvin barely managed to escape capture by the Allies, and the few surviving Soviets troops quickly surrendered to the victorious Allies.

Outcome and Aftermath

The liberation of Cannes sounded a major turning point in the war against the Soviet Union. A powerful Soviet army had been decisively beaten in a pitched engagement, with thousands of Soviet forces dead littering the streets of the city, and a major bastion of the enemy broken. The destruction of the Soviet armada also eliminated much of their control over the Mediterranean Sea, allowing greater mobility for the Allies than ever before.

Such was the extent of the beating that the Soviets took that their military leaders elected to abandon France entirely rather than risk such great losses again, pulling their forces back to Germany in hopes of regrouping and sallying out again. In short, this single engagement helped to liberate an entire country from the communist threat, and further rally the will of the Allied Nations.


  • At the end of the mission, the Soviet victory theme plays instead of the Allied victory theme.


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