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The Uprising
RA3Uprising HarbingerScreen
The Allies attack Japanese rebels.

War of the Three Powers



Start Date

Raid on Lost Castle

End Date

The True Shogun's Stand


Sigma Island


Empire of the Rising Sun rebellion crushed
Rupert Thornley arrested
Most Allied occupational forces leave the Soviet Union
FutureTech gains military technology of all three world powers


Allied Nations

Soviet Underground

Empire of the Rising Sun



Maintain post-war order
Crush the Japanese rebellion

Restore the Soviet Union
Expose FutureTech's secret agenda
Occupy Imperial territories

Drive off the Soviet forces in the country
Recapture Vladivostok
Expel the Allies from Japan and restore honour to the Empire

Defend FutureTech research facilities and key assets
Destroy the Soviet Underground
Obtain the technology of the three world powers


Full Allied arsenal including the Harbinger gunship, Cryo Legionnaire and the Pacifier FAV

Full Soviet arsenal including the Grinder, Desolator Reaper, and Mortar cycle

Full Imperial arsenal including the Archer Maiden, Steel Ronin and Giga Fortress

Allied arsenal including the Future Tank and Sigma Harmonizer



  • Most occupational forces left Russian lands
  • Dakota detention facility completely destroyed

Medium to Heavy



  • Rupert Thornley arrested
  • FutureTech gains access to key technology of all three factions

The Uprising refers to the conflict between the Allies and the remnants of the Soviet Union as well as the rogue elements of the Empire of the Rising Sun following the end of the War of the Three Powers. Even though the Allies defeated both the Union and the Empire, there were still rebels amongst the defeated nations who resisted the Allied occupation.

Meanwhile, FutureTech, the military contractor that invented many of the technologies that gave the Allies the technical edge over its enemies during the war, was conspiring against the three superpowers and planned to conquer the world using a powerful device. Additionally, Yuriko Omega, the Imperial Psionic commando who was captured by the Allies at the end of the war, escaped custody and intends on returning to the Empire to exact vengeance on the man who ruined her life, Dr. Shinji Shimada.


And now you and these Russians must be put down, for this little Uprising.
- Giles Price, Director of the Office of Occupational Forces at Vladivostok with an Allied arsenal.

Allied Perspective

After Emperor Yoshiro's death during the war and the Empire's subsequent surrender, Japan is now under the rule of Crown Prince Tatsu, who was forced to cooperate with the Allies. He is challenged by the remains of the Shogunate: Shinzo Nagama, Kenji Tenzai and Takara Sato. These rogun shoguns gathered their own forces loyal to them and prepare to drive out the Allied occupiers. The Allies, after being informed by Tatsu that Shinzo is currently residing in his ancestral home of the Shin Iga Province, sends a strike force under the command of the famous Allied Commander, intending to capture him with their Cryo technology.

After capturing Shinzo alive, Lt. Eva McKenna tells the Commander that he has to take care of Kenji Tenzai. Kenji's base is heavily defended by modified Nanoswarm Hives, and even a captured Allied Technology Inhibitor. Nevertheless, the Allied Commander proved to be victorious in the battle, disabling Kenji's Nanoswarm Hives and capturing him with the aid of Special Agent Tanya and several Cryo Legionnaires.

The last of his enemies was Takara Sato, who was defeated after a relatively short battle. The real battle took place seconds after her defeat, when the self-crowned Emperor Tatsu thanks the Allied Commander for getting rid of his enemies in Japan. He believed this was the time to break free from Allied occupation and fulfill the true destiny of the Empire of the Rising Sun.

After a long and hard battle against Tatsu's forces and his devastating Giga Fortresses, the Allied Commander won the day. Tatsu left the battlefield, deeply shocked and affected by his defeat. Lieutenant Eva thanks the Commander, telling him that his victory had prevented a total Uprising in Japan and the reunification of the Empire of the Rising Sun.

Other perspectives

RA3 USSR logo The following is based on the Soviet campaign for Red Alert 3: Uprising and has not been confirmed by canon sources.
RedAlert3RisingSun avatar The following is based on the Imperial campaign of Red Alert 3: Uprising and has not been confirmed by canon sources.

Yuriko's tale


FutureTech's control over military forces was put to an end and now all FutureTech operations were closely watched by the Allied Forces. The Allies began to trust the Soviets, due to their efforts of stopping the mad plans of Rupert Thornley. Most of the Allied forces were withdrawn from Russia to increase security in their home countries.

Despite the PR nightmare following Thornley's arrest, FutureTech still managed to acquire vital military assets from all three major powers by taking advantage of the chaotic post-war period, thanks to the efforts of the FutureTech Commander. Kelly Weaver expressed her gratitude to the Commander and offered to visit him to "review the terms in private".

After the Imperial Commander's successful capture of Vladivostok, Tatsu is prepared to restore the Empire and drive out the Allied occupiers. Unfortunately, Tatsu's own uprising was thwarted by the Allies, and he was forced to retreat.

Having completely destroyed the Shiro Sanitarium, Yuriko Omega escapes and ponders her place in the world.

Will the Empire ever be able to regain its honor? What will the Soviet Union do with their new-found trust from the Allies? What is FutureTech Corporation's hidden agenda? What will Yuriko do next, now that she is free?

Time will tell... Sooner or later, time will tell...

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