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CNC4 Gameicon
CNC4 Gameicon

GDI Support Class


Long-range heavy laser platform


Heavy Ion Beam (Laser)


Heavy Armour Plating (Heavy)



Hit points



10 CP

Ground attack


Air attack


Air speed


Land speed


Attack range


Sight range



Gravity Field


Toggle between flight and ground modes

CNC4 Thunderhead Cameo
Think they'll mind being obliterated?
- Thunderhead

The Thunderhead is a Tier 3 heavy dual air/ground unit of the GDI Support Class in Tiberian Twilight.


GDI Engineer 2047
Prepping blueprints for expansion...
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GDI Engineer 2047
Prepping blueprints for expansion...
Thunderhead is a stub and needs your help. You can help by expanding it.
Please refer to the talk page for further discussion.

In-Game Unit

The Thunderhead is unlocked once a GDI commander reaches Level 12. It can only be constructed once his Support MCV has upgraded to Tier 3 on the battlefield.

The Thunderhead has one very high-powered heavy ion beam cannon fixed to the chassis. The ion beam has the longest range of any weapon currently known, but due to the nature of its mounting, it can only be brought to bear on targets on the same plane as the Thunderhead (i.e. ground units while in ground mode, air units while in flight mode). It is easily capable of slicing through even the heaviest armour. It is less effective against small units, however. The Gravity Field upgrade will cause the ion beam to effectively lock down any target that it hits, and significantly slows down nearby enemy units. Like all laser units, the Thunderhead must come to a halt before opening fire.

As a heavy unit, the Thunderhead has heavy armour that is more or less immune to bullets and highly resistant to shells and rockets. It is, however, vulnerable to lasers due to its large size. It is also slow, like all heavy units.

The Thunderhead has a Toggle Flight ability that allows it to switch between Ground Mode and Flight Mode. By default, it starts off in Ground Mode when produced from the Support MCV. When switching from Flight Mode to Ground Mode again, it accelerates straight downwards towards the ground, damaging any enemy units directly below it. In both modes, the Thunderhead moves on its 4 thrusters, hovering a few feet above the ground in Ground Mode, or like a VTOL jet in Flight Mode. The Thunderhead is too heavy to cliffjump, however.

The Thunderhead's Nod counterpart is the Basilisk warship. The Basilisk has a shorter range and cannot toggle between flight and ground mode, but it can attack both ground and air units at the same time and can hit multiple targets at the same time with the Spectrum Beam upgrade. It is also worth noting that the Thunderhead is the only aircraft capable of gaining veterancy with crates, by toggling to ground mode and picking them up. This makes it significantly easier to achieve heroic status than the Basilisk.


"Call for a little thunder?"

"It doesn't get any better than this!"

Is it clear of all that riff raff?

They'll be gone soon enough...

Give us the biggest target you've got!

Biggest laser cannon they'll ever see!

Sigh* Did they just scratch my armor?

Thanks For Choose the best

Hey, ugly, need a light?

"Cool Beams"

"What does this button do?"



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