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Tiber River Valley
Tiber River
Geographical data

Tiber River, Italy


Red Zone

Skirmish information


Game information

Tiberium Wars
Kane's Wrath


Revisits the focal point of the Tiberium series

Tiber River Valley is a medium sized 2-player map included in the first Tiberium Wars map pack.

Two teams spawn on opposite sides of a canyon that runs through the center of the map. The terrain of the map is heavily mutated as a result of countless decades of Tiberium exposure. While the map does feature structures, none of them can be garrisoned as they are either damaged beyond recognition or covered in Tiberium crystals. The map features two Tiberium Vinefera fields as well as a handful of Tiberium fields.


This is the only time that the Tiber river is ever visited in-game outside of being mentioned in cutscenes in any of the previous Command & Conquer games.

Tiberium Wars skirmish maps

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