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The Tiberium Core Missiles were an upgrade used by Nod in the video game of Kane's Wrath. The weapon's aim is to fire missiles with Tiberium inside it. During the MARV Rising in Africa, LEGION managed to upgrade this to his vehicles against the GDI MARV vehicles.

The MARV Mission

At the start of the Third Tiberium War, Nod destroyed a GDI space station with a Nuclear Missile strike from Cairo in Egypt plus Nod victories in the United States of America and Brazil. Between the Slovenia and Temple Prime battles, Alexa Kovacs tasked LEGION into attacking the MARV forces under ZOCOM and GDI organisations. LEGION was sent to Africa, while at his base upgraded EMP coils and these missiles to attack the MARV tanks. The GDI forces were losing in the middle of this battle, but Kovacs ordered the destruction of all Mammoth Armed Recalmation Vehicle tanks which had a sense of glowing victory before going to Sarajevo for LEGION's operation, The Betrayal of Kilian Qatar.

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