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Tiberium Vibration Scan
TW Tiberium vibration scan

CNCTW Scrin Emblem Scrin
CNCKW Reaper-17 logo Reaper-17
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  • $500 (TW)
  • $300 (KW)
  • None (Reaper-17)
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Nerve Center

CNCTW Tiberium Vibration Scan Cameo
TW Tiberium Vibration Scan Icons

The Tiberium Vibration Scan is a Scrin support power. It is a scan of the battlefield for the harmonic vibrations generated by Tiberium. It reveals everything that has any connection to Tiberium. Nod and GDI refineries, Tiberium spikes, silos are also revealed to the user. It is also able to detect Nod Power Plants, should they be upgraded with Liquid Tiberium Cores.

It was very useful to Scrin Foremen, as the support power can find enemy bases without having to scout out the whole battlefield. A typical forward base is usually situated near a Tiberium deposit, so the scan would detect the refineries, as well as any silos in the main base. It also reveals the location of Tiberium spikes and neutral silos, allowing Scrin foremen to capture them sooner than the enemy or place troops near them to ambush unprepared enemy Engineers or Saboteurs. This support power is another major example of the Scrin's mastery of Tiberium. Reaper-17 can use it freely.






  • Tiberium fields
  • Tiberium glaciers


  • In contrast to its name, Tiberium trooper is not detectable by this power.
  • While the Scrin are known to be Tiberium-based lifeforms, only a few Scrin units are able to be scanned. Furthermore, even Scrin units who have visible Tiberium crystals on their body like Shard Walkers and Ravagers are not revealed. This is most likely done for balancing purposes.

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