Small village
Home to the GDI Helipads



Appears in

Tiberian Dawn


Warthog Hunt

Tidjikja is a small town and city in Mauritania where the Global Defense Initiative set up Helipads to destroy the Brotherhood of Nod's forces from the air. The Aircraft flying in the air was the A-10 ground support plane known as "Warthogs" that will attack Nod on the ground using bullets and then, missiles.

First Tiberium War

The Helipad structures were constructed at Tidjikja to destroy and bomb Nod forces on the ground. The pilot, M.O. Morelli is in charge of the GDI aircraft serving across both Africa and Europe. The Brotherhood of Nod had to move into Algeria, but were stuck due to the Helipads in Mauritania and they decided to capture the Helipads before those A-10 ground support planes comes to land at them. The Helipad also serves for F/A-18C/D Hornets, F-23 Black Widows, C-130s, Chinooks and ORCA Assault Crafts that Nod wants to capture as they came to Tidjikja and captured all Helipads. They also destroyed the GDI base guarding them, killing an unknown GDI Commander in charge of Tidjikja and its Helipads. The Mauritanian President surrenders his government to Nod and tells Algeria to do the same which causes a defection during the Nod offensive in the early days of the First Tiberium War.

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