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Main battle walker


120mm cannon

Tech level


Hit points


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Produced by

GDI war factory

Ground attack

70 (AP)





Attack range


Sight range


Elite upgrade

Stealth detector

TS Titan Icons

The Titan Medium Battle Mechanized Walker (or Titan Mk. I) was a large GDI bipedal combat walker used during the Second Tiberium War and the Firestorm Crisis.


The Titan was developed in the 21st century as the replacement to the regular GDI Main Battle Tank. At the height of concurrent technology, combined with locomotive designs first tested in the X-O Powersuit and a skeletal frame forged from the world's strongest materials, the Titan was a powerful walker.

Around 25 feet tall and armed with a 120mm side-mounted cannon, the Titan still suffered from lack of speed and inability to effectively counter infantry units. The faster Wolverines were used for this purpose, although it should be noted that Titans, especially in these large groups, could simply crush infantry groups under their massive feet.

The Titan chassis has been used extensively by GDI, and many advanced walkers used either newer versions of the Titan chassis or modified ones. An example of this approach was the Juggernaut.

This unit would be very useful in attacking bases, and unlike units with catepillar and wheel chassis, it can crush not only infantries but non-walker ground vehicles.


KW Titan Mk I Wreckages

Titan Mk. I wreckages seen during the Third Tiberium War

Despite these advantages, Titan was largely phased out and replaced by Predator Tank after Firestorm Crisis. A Titan Mk. II development program was, however, initiated by the Steel Talons under the command of General Joshua Mitchell. In fact, many Steel Talons commanders were former "Titan Jockeys", so it was only natural that such an initiative would come to pass. This would keep the Titan walker alive long enough to make it to a second lease on life by the time of the Incursion War.

In-game unit

The Titan has great range, easily disposing of Vulcan Cannons and Laser turrets from afar.

Its laser range finder ensures a high degree of accuracy, and its cannon is placed high enough to allow for great elevation and depression. Unlike most other tanks in the Second Tiberium War, the Titan can fire over walls or edges of a cliff, whether the target is on top or at bottom. This is one of the two advantages over the Tick tank, the other one is Titan can crush both infantries and non-walker vehicles, meaning Nod tanks remain vulnerable in some environments where they could normally seek cover. It is also to be noted that the Titan costs the same as a Tick tank.

As a walker, Titan can walk across any terrain with a stable speed. As a general-purpose ground combat unit, however, the Titan remains lacking in terms of viable anti-air ordnance and a self-repair capacity, qualities reserved for "breakthrough" weapons such as the Mammoth Mk. II.



  • Heavily armoured
  • Can fire over buildings and natural obstructions
  • Best armour and firepower in its tier
  • Reasonably cheap ($800)
  • Outranges laser turrets and Vulcan cannons
  • Detects stealthed units when elite
  • Can crush infantry (except cyborgs)


  • Ineffective against infantry, except while crushing
  • Vulnerable to air units.
  • Slower than the Tick tank
  • Not immune to Tiberium veins




  • Due to the engine's inability to properly render voxel turrets on SHP-based bodies, the cannon will overlap with the Titan's upper body when facing west or southwest, and vice versa when facing north or northeast.


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