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- Akula sub captain, while attacking

We have a new addition to your arsenal
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A torpedo generally refers to a self-propelled, explosive missile launched above or below the water surface, traveling underwater, and designed to explode on contact or in proximity of its target. Due to its nature, its only able to attack target that dwell in related water bodies, but it is offset by its high power impact.


The Soviet Union was a heavy user of torpedoes, deploying them from submarines, from Victor class submarine, Typhoon Attack Subs and later Akula submarines. These submarines can launch one torpedoes at a time but Yuri's Boomers and the Soviet Akulas however can fire two torpedoes at a time. Akulas are also armed with unguided Ultratorpedos, capable of inflicting heavy damage on enemy vessels and naval structures.

The Empire of the Rising Sun equipped their Yari Mini-subs with Hi-Explosive miniaturized torpedoes. The Imperials also designed a formidable cruiser, the Naginata, mainly equipped with torpedoes. Additionally, Allied Riptide ACVs come with a payload of torpedoes as well as a machine gun, launching it only in water bodies.

A Main drawback to subs is where most subs like Yaris and Akulas must surface to fire and are highly vulnerable.

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