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Toxin Rebel
Generals Toxin Rebel

GLA (Dr. Thrax only)

Base unit


  • Anti-infantry
  • Clearing garrisoned buildings


Hit points


Armour type




Build time


Produced by

Dr. Thrax's barracks



Ground attack

8 (10 with Anthrax Gamma) (Poison)




20 (10 if badly wounded)

Attack range


Sight range


Gen1 Capture Building Icons
Capture Building
ZH Anthrax Gamma Icons
Anthrax Gamma
Gen1 Capture Building Icons
Capture Building
Clear garrisoned buildings
  • Strong vs infantry, vehicles
  • Weak vs tanks, buildings
Our toxins will destroy the enemy!
- Toxin Rebel
ZH Toxin Rebel Icons

Toxin rebels were Dr. Thrax's own special rebels who eschewed the iconic AK-47 assault rifle in favour of a toxin-spraying weapon with backpack tank.


Their toxin-sprayers made them highly effective at eliminating infantry, even those garrisoned in buildings and bunkers. Like normal rebels, they could garrison buildings and be trained to capture neutral and hostile structures at a Barracks.

Toxin Rebels can still potentially be harmed by their own toxins if traversing through an area that has just been sprayed with poisonous chemicals. However, unlike other Rebels and unupgraded Rangers, they are far more resistant to toxins than other infantry.


Their role in the Second GLA War as toxin-wielding infantry was succeeded by the more advanced Toxin squads.


Gen1 Capture Building Icons
Capture Building Allows Toxin Rebel to capture neutral and hostile structures.


Give them their medicine!
- Toxin Rebel
Upgrade all capture building Capture Building Trained Toxin Rebels to capture neutral and enemy buildings. Purchasable at any Barracks for a cost of $1000.
ZH Anthrax Gamma Icons Anthrax Gamma Increased Toxin Rebels' damage by 25%. Purchasable at Dr.Thrax's Palace for a cost of $2500.

Game unit

Spray them!
- Toxin Rebel on attack


Toxin rebels were a serious threat to both vehicles and infantry, as they were capable of using Anthrax Gamma and quickly reducing most units to slag or rot. A small group was capable of killing a Construction Dozer rather quickly, and a large mob could become a major headache even to a large group of tanks, especially if there was no anti-infantry support available at hand. They were more than capable of killing most infantry in less than a second. Their ability to clear garrisoned structures made the strategy almost useless. In addition, a Battle Bus loaded with Toxin Rebles along with RPG Troopers was a serious threat to all forces.


- Toxin Rebel on attack

Units such as Colonel Burton, Jarmen Kell and Pathfinder snipers could often eliminate Toxin Rebels from a safe distance. Anti-infantry vehicles such as the Gatling tank could easily mow down Toxin Rebels and aircraft could attack with impunity. If the player have no access to the Pathfinder, they can use Humvee or any fast, light vehicle. Keep in mind that it's more effective to simply run them over as Toxin Rebels can drain a lot of Humvee's health if only machine gun is used. Toxin Rebels were next to useless against all but the most lightly armored of structures, as the toxins could barely damage them. They were also useless against structures and base defenses.



  • Toxins are more effective on tanks; kills infantry outright.
  • Cheap and versatile.
  • At $150, the toxin rebel is the cheapest garrison building clearer.


  • Toxins are useless on buildings.
  • Short range.
  • No access to camouflage upgrade.


  • There is a campaign-only variant called the Biohazard Trooper/Biohazard Rebel in USA 1, seen patrolling the launch site.
  • Toxin Rebels in the USA 5 mission in Zero Hour have the ability to put Booby Traps.
  • The booby trap ability is actually a glitch, as Toxin Rebels cannot place them. They can still be Camouflaged from the Palace, however.
  • These versions of the Toxin Rebels are also completely immune to toxic, nuclear, and microwave weaponry. It's easy to see why these immunities are not present for the playable version of Dr. Thrax, as it would make a match between his armies very frustrating.
  • The Toxin rebel's toxin sprayers look like a heavily modified flamethrower.
  • Due to how they operate, from our side of the Fourth Wall the Toxin Rebel is a sort of precursor to the Desolator Trooper of Red Alert 3: Uprising and Tiberium troopers of Kane's Wrath, as all three are garrison-clearing troops with similar effects on how they go about dealing with enemy units. The only notable difference is that Toxin rebels are the only ones that operate as basic infantry; Desolator Troopers are flatly heavy infantry and more multipurposed, while Tiberium troopers fill the role of Black Hand troops.​
  • If the Toxin rebel was in real life, its weak point of the would be the backpack tank; shooting it would cause a spill and the toxins would kill him.

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