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Toxin soldier
Toxin soldiers



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Toxin soldiers are some of the most elite Nod soldiers who were experts in infiltration, sabotage and coercion and appeared during the Second Tiberium War and the Firestorm Crisis.


Their main weapon is a long-range sniper rifle capable of firing specially designed rounds that are filled with a psychotropic agent, rendering the victim open to suggestion. However, the chemicals used also gave the victim acute blood poisoning, often resulting in death.


After the Firestorm Crisis, Toxin Soldiers were phased out. However, mind-altering toxins were still used in the form of hallucinogenic grenades used by Nod Confessors introduced in the Second Nod Reunification War.


Toxin Soldiers were deployed sparingly due to their value and cost.

They were used to capture Jake McNeil and later lure civilians into the Genesis pit, which triggered a rampage of Tiberian wildlife against GDI bases in the region.

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