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Having failed to clone the world leaders, Yuri plans to capture the real ones. Defend them at the Houses of Parliament in London, England...then deal with Yuri.
- Mission Briefing
Operation: Trick or Treaty
YR Allied M06 Start
Allied forces stationed near the Parliament House

Clones Down Under


Brain Dead

Part of

Psychic Dominator Disaster




London, Great Britain


Allied and Soviet victory

  • Allies foiled Yuri's attack against world leaders
  • Treaty signed
  • Yuri's army destroyed in London


World Socialist Alliance

Yuri's Army


Defend Parliament House and sign the treaty
Destroy Yuri's base

Sign the treaty

Stop the treaty by destroying Parliament House
Repel all enemy forces and use Mind control on Allied leaders


Allied Commander
Michael Dugan
George Carville

Alexander Romanov



Almost full Allied arsenal

Two Sea Scorpions
Two Dreadnoughts
Two Amphibious Transports
Typhoon Attack Sub

Floating Disc
Small base





  • Yuri's garrison
  • All Floating Discs plus Boomers

Operation: Trick or Treaty is the sixth and penultimate mission of the Allied campaign in Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge.


This is a very important meeting commander. If this treaty ratifies, the Soviet forces will join us in the battle against Yuri.
- Carville

With Yuri's main cloning facility in Sydney destroyed in Operation: Clones Down Under, Yuri's forces are now on the run. At the same time, the Allied Forces that were reinforced by the Time travellers had halted the brunt of the Soviet invasion and have pushed the Soviets back to their territories.

However, Yuri was now a greater threat to both superpowers, so US President Michael Dugan telephoned Soviet Premier Alexander Romanov to sign a treaty that will cease all combat operations between the Allies and the Soviets and fight Yuri as their common enemy. The treaty was scheduled to take place in London's Parliament House. However, Yuri managed to discover the location by brainwashing Lt. Eva Lee as she briefed the Allied Commander. General Carville was forced to send the Commander to defend Parliament House from Yuri's assaults.

Force Composition

The President had asked the famed Allied Commander that IFVs and GIs should be trained immediately before Yuri can attack Parliament. The UFOs should be located north of the building, while Yuri's base to the east is sending some Boomer attacks at their target. Alexander Romanov after signing that important bit will send his naval division to the east of that location. Two Amphibious Transports, Dreadnoughts and Sea Scorpions will arrive with Typhoon Attack Subs to destroy Yuri's naval forces in a game of war in the river.

Yuri had his own base located to the east of Parliament House. Despite the weather of thunderstorms across London, he of course didn't care about it and sent Boomers and a new card to play - the Floating Disc. This type of UFO can shoot laser beams at Allied or Soviet land forces by the time, anyone would have saw them.

Key Units/Buildings

The Battle

Defense of Parliament House

The Allied Commander immediately prepared to reinforce defenses around Parliament House as President Dugan and Premier Romanov arrived at the site. The Allied Commander had a short time to capture any tech buildings in the city across the River Thames, before Yuri's forces arrived. Once Yuri arrived, he immediately sent waves of forces against the Allied defenders, attacking with fierce determination to kill the Allied and Soviet leaders by destroying the major site as a cave-in.

Repelling Yuri

Holy cow! Commander, we got some kind of UFO on the scope! Either it's an alien invasion or Yuri's been watching too much TV!
- Carville, seeing the first sight of a Floating Disc.

Just as the last wave was about to assault the Allied positions, the treaty had been signed by the Soviets and reinforcements came via the Thames. These reinforcements came under the Commander's control. While the Attack Subs assaulted Yuri's naval forces, the Commander quickly gather the combined Allied-Soviet force to attack Yuri's base. However, Yuri had a new card to play - the Floating Disc, which began to bombard enemy ground forces with devastating laser beams by the time that the taskforce noticed - most of all was Carville. Allied and Soviet anti-air like IFVs brought down the UFOs, while the ground forces had wiped out Yuri's base.


Yuri's failure to kill the Allied and Soviet leaders in one stroke left his army now definitely on the run. The Allies now worked with the Soviets and combined their intelligence from both Zofia and Eva Lee, who recovered from Lord Yuri's Mind control to pinpoint Yuri's main base of operations - Antarctica.


  • The parliament cannot be selected.
  • If the leaders are forced to evacuate the parliament due to damage, the building will explode and they will automatically catch fire and die.
  • The leaders will remain in the parliament for the rest of the mission after the treaty has been signed, forcing the commander to keep defending it.
  • The G.Is and secret service agents inside the parliament will not fire at Yuri's forces.


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