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"Turtling" is a tactical choice that emphasizes building a strongly defended base, rather than focusing on offensive power. In the eventuality of a military stalemate, the "turtle" is much more likely to survive an assault on his base than someone who focuses on rushing. The viability of this tactic depends upon certain circumstances, including the power of the base defensive structures of a particular faction.

While a expert turtle would be able to outlast his opponents, this strategy has several drawbacks. The requisite walls and base defenses take time to set up, and a blitz with tanks could likely penetrate an enemy's defenses if it occurred early enough. Also, turtling is fairly expensive, and the late-battle focus on defense can cost a military detachment due to the lack of collected reconnaissance and difficulty replacing depleted resources. Also, the best defenders are not always good at offense, and overly focusing on building an invulnerable base can lead to an atrophied strike capability. In addition, the most powerful base defenses are also the most power-hungry, and if the generators on a base are disabled, a turtle's plans may quickly fall apart. Finally, weapons of mass destruction can punch a hole in a base's defense, no matter fortified they are.

Soviet Union

Tesla Coil

Soviet Tesla coils were an amazingly destructive defense during GWWII.

Of the two factions in the Great World War II, Soviet forces were better suited to turtling, owing it to their Tesla coil base defense. Out ranging all Allied units except the Cruiser, Soviet Coils in large enough amounts could easily halt any ground advance by their opponents. The only real danger was against Allied Aircraft. Sufficient numbers of Apache Gunships could tear down a Tesla coil network, or the power plants required to keep the coils active. During the war, the only decent choice for a passive barrier was the Wall. Other Soviet defenses included the Flame tower, which devastating against infantry, but had an extremely short range, and the SAM site , an anti-aircraft missile launcher, that possessed a decent range and energy consumption, but was somewhat lacking in destructive power. Tesla Coils and Sentry guns are still available along with accurate Flak cannons.

During the GWWIII the Soviets used the Sentry Gun to fend off infantry and continued to use the Tesla Coil for larger threats, which could now be increased in range and power by Tesla Troopers. Losing much of their missile technology they resorted to using Flak Cannon to fend off airborne threats. During the Psychic Dominator Disaster the Soviets also threw together another defense, the Battle Bunker, which simply allowed Conscripts to garrison it, providing longer range anti-infantry defense and some level of armored defense.

Also during the WW3 the Combat Engineer can build bunkers giving the Conscripts advantages against Imperial Warriors and Peacekeepers. Also the same old Flak Cannons, Sentry Guns and Tesla Coils were back only they can be built over water.

Allied Forces

The damage is too extensive!
Turtling (Red Alert) has been marked for cleanup.
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During the GWWII, the Allies, unlike their opponents, lacked the proper tools to correctly turtle. Soviet FROG-7s had the range necessary to take out any Allied base defense, from well outside reprisal range, and up close, the Turret was only moderately powerful, and unable to match up to Soviet tesla coils. However, Allied turrets and infantry slaughtering camo pillboxes Pillbox and camo pillboxes were significantly less power hungry than Tesla Coils, which allowed them to remain operational even at low power conditions. The Allies did have significantly more powerful AA than the Soviets in their AA guns, and, like the Soviets, physical barriers took the form of concrete walls.

However, in GWWIII with the introduction of Prism Towers the Allies gained some ability to turtle, however much like the Tesla Coils they required power. If enough were placed near each other they could out range most Soviet units, however they were vulnerable against Yuri's Magnetron. For light anti-infantry protection the Allies continued use of the pill box. The Patriot missile system provided anti-aircraft cover. However France was a major exception to this, boasting the Grand Cannon, the most powerful defensive system during the war, was able to out range all ground threats and deliver a powerful blow that even Apocalypse and Dreadnoughts suffered. It's weaknesses were that it required the base to be powered, it has slow rate of fire and had no anti-aircraft defense.

In WWIII the Multigunner Turret was available which can attack all targets. Spectrum Towers were also an option and they were buildable over water.

In the Allied Campaign, mission 1, in England they had to capture several anti-naval guns and build up a lot of infantry and Multigunner IFVs to repel Krukov's attack.

Mt. Rushmore had the heads of Jefferson, Washington and Lincoln fire lasers to protect the 4th head's superweapon.


Yuri's bases were known for being able to turtle. His Psychic Towers could mind control up to three ground units, which could then be sent into Grinders, or in infantry's case, bio reactors. Gattling Cannons were versatile defenses capable of engaging both air and land units, and the damaged dealt would rapidly increase as the cannon continued firing. Lastly, to make up for Yuri's fragile tanks he wielded the tank bunker able to fortify tanks and protect them.


The Empire is not focused on defense due to their main target to invade and conquer territories. However, their remotely built defense structures should not be ignored.

Defender VX: Defense building that can build over water or land and is armed with rockets and guns. Wave Force Tower: Dangerous towers can be built over water or land and is armed with a high powered Laser weaponry. Black Tortoise: A huge Floating Fortress defended with Force gun to rule the ocean.

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