United Nations (Tiberium)
Flag of the United Nations
The flag of the United Nations.

Council for all nations and their representatives.


United Nations Secretary-General

Head of State


Head of Government

United Nations Secretary-General


Charles Olivetti as UN Defense Secretary




Global Defense Initiative arsenals in:


New York

Official language

English, French, Chinese, Russian and Arabic as official working languages


N/A (uses several national currencies)

Formed from

Ocotber 24, 1945

Date established

October 24, 1945

Date fragmented

1946-1953 (headed by the World Association of Nations)

Date reorganized

1960s (Europe was rebuilding from 1954-1959)

Date dissolved



Tiberium Universe


Exists as of 1995-2000s, dissolved some time prior to 2031

The United Nations was founded as a successor to the World Association of Nations, which was widely considered to have been ineffective in its role as an international governing body, in that it had been unable to prevent Second World War. Some argue that the UN's major advantage over the League of Nations was its ability to maintain and deploy its member nations' armed forces as peace keepers. Others, the Brotherhood of Nod more likely, see such "peacekeeping" as a euphemism for war and domination of weak and poor countries by the wealthy and powerful nations of the world.

The Allied Forces were a part of the World League of Nations, the predecessor of the UN, formed in the aftermath of the Second World War. During the conflict, the UN had passed a initiative to further worldwide support for the Allied Forces, as well as the creation of global defense agency. In order to protect the fragile global status quo and prevent an outbreak of a third world war, a secret unit was formed, the Operations Group Echo: Black Ops 9. Officially denying any knowledge of the unit, the UN used it as a surgical tool to remove potentially dangerous individuals and groups that could trigger a war. After a failed assassination attempt on Saddam Hussein, the United Nations were forced to publicly confirm the existence of the black ops group and reformed it into the Global Defense Initiative, disbanding their official peacekeeping forces at the same time.

Acting under the supervision of Charles Olivetti, the UN Defense Secretary, GDI waged war on the Brotherhood of Nod. After the First Tiberium War, the United Nations gradually gained power, while the power of the traditional nation-states was eroded, due to GDI's increasing prevalence. Eventually, late into the 21st century, the UN was disbanded, ceding its remaining powers to GDI in full, making the Global Defense Initiative truly an independent, (mostly) benevolent world governing body. By this time, the notion of the traditional nation-state had been largely lost to the world consciousness pool, held still only by Nod-affiliated nationalists.