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    Apparently I made a Europe Map, so I'm looking into all the changes I've done.

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    I love Red Alert 2: Yuri's Revenge, there is alot going for the game, and it is fair for all 3 factions, but there are some units that don't play into that equation. These changes aim at diversity, but aims at usability of the unit while maintaining their counters and weaknesses. As much as I hate nerfing units, some needed it, although very few.

    My Philosophies:

    • Just because a unit has a purpose, doesn't mean it's good
    • A niche unit however, isn't a bad unit. Example: Crazy Ivans, V3's, Kirovs, Yuri Clones, Terror Drones.
    • A bad unit is a Tesla Trooper because Desolators are more durable, more range, similiar DPS vs Tanks, and amazing area damage utility.
    • Just because you use bad units against noobs, doesn't justify it as a good unit.
    • Some people…

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    Red Alert 95 Theory

    July 27, 2015 by AndrewFord
    • Generic Standard Build Order – p b o w w p o sell bar sell cy
    • Small Map Coil Order – power barr adv barr ore war tesla – useful on KOTG, ivory, and ridge war
    • Lotsa Money Gem Map Tanking Order – p p b o w (truck) s w w (truck) w a o w w o – good for hjk6, xgems, northern hatu, gf, gtk
    • Lotsa Money Gem Map Soviet Order – p p b o w (truck) s w w w  (truck) a o d w w w o – good for hjk6, x gems, northern hatu, gf, gtk
    • Infinite Money Tanking Order – p p b o w s w w (truck) w a w w – p4, wide open
    • Infinite Money Soviet Order – p p b o w s w w (truck) w d a w w w – p4, wide open

    • Light Tanks have more DPS (damage per second) than a Med. Tank
    • the fastest tank and take the least damage while moving
    • Due to high dps and speed, strong early game and rushes
    • Usually dies …

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