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  • Calamor

    New tactics

    April 16, 2012 by Calamor

    Below is a mod I want to make for C&C Generals Zero Hour, addvice would be great along with help. Note I cannot code so there will be no links or tables, also note that this is not going to be the exact mod, if one team is super overpowering during testing we will change it.

    The Mod basicly adds 3 new generals:

    US Tank General - (Name Needed)

    GLA Air Force General - General Hobochie (tell me if you think of a better name)

    China Super Weapons General - (Name Needed)

    And new units and structures to each team.

    There will be more to come later on.

    captured Raptors and F-77 Bombers along with laser missile Stinger Sites.

    CC3 Mobile Plane station: A special unit that can be made in the Arms dealer after a palace and an Air Field has been produced can be…

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