• Dewy60

    As of June 30, a number of games - some of them among the best of all time - will have their online components cease to be supported.

    Among the casualties will be Battlefield 1942 (PC), C&C Generals (PC), Crysis (PC), Master of Orion III (PC), Medal of Honor: Allied Assault (PC), the original Neverwinter Nights (PC) and its sequel, and both Star Wars: Battlefront titles on PC.

    There are also some Wii, DS and even PS2 games among the casualties, but those ones listed above are the big ones.

    The full list of games affected is below.

    Battlefield 1942 for PC and Mac (including The Road to Rome and Secret Weapons of WW2 expansions) Battlefield 2 for PC (including Special Forces expansion) Battlefield 2: Modern Combat for PlayStation 2 Battlefield 2142…

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