aka Marshal Amieron P. Pinpin

  • I live in Manila
  • I was born on March 14
  • My occupation is The Almighty (Patapons) Master General of the Allies (Red Alert)
  • I am Male
  • Marshallamieron

    We'll guys I fastly created other Mission but for the Allies. Hope you enjoy and comment for some amazing Ideas. Don't know the first one, Click this----Operation:Psychic Waves

    This is a Allied Mission and you, the Allied General must complete his task and destroys Yuri's most Powerful Machine. You must complete the quest below to the mission:

    1) Infilrate the Yuri Battle Lab with a Spy.( Infilrate the Yuri Battle Lab with a Spy)

    2) Destroy the All 4 Psychic Dominators in Yuri's Four Borders. ( Destroy All the Psychic Dominator)

    3) Destroy the Psychic Beacons and 3 Psychic Ampliers. ( Destroy all Mind Controlling Buildings of Yuri)

    The Mission willl begin with a Allied MCV going east guarded by 5 Prism tanks and Soviet MCV that is going west gu…

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  • Marshallamieron

    Well I have Been thinking some Maps making with Final Alert2: Map Editor that I don't have. ( If possible please give a link to make this map I been wanted this but went I searh, links don't work and I'll be really happy to your Help) Well: hope you enjoy it!!!

    This a Yuri Faction Mission where you must complete the Missions below and defeat the Allieds and Soviets to the next mission. The key aspect is the second mission.

    1)  Locate the Soviet Nuclear Missile and Destroy it. (Locate and Destroy the Silo)

    2) Construct the Psychic Beacon where the Nuclear Silo was. (Construct the Beacon)

    3) Using the Psychic Beacon, You must defend it from the incoming waves of Soviets and Allies until the Mind Controlling is Complete. (Defend the Psychic Beaco…

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  • Marshallamieron

    Base Defense

    June 11, 2014 by Marshallamieron

    Ever been defeated because of weak defense or none at all, well, these plan will totally prevent air and round attacks(Red alert 2). But you must pick the correct army to make the defense.These bases can also be upgraded by using a Engineer to inflirate a enemy construction yard and gains its power or use a spy to Infilrate to obtain intelligence and more power.

    The Grand Defense is very powerful, Consisting 8-10 Grand Cannons , 15-20 Patriot Missiles System , 7-10 Gap Generator , 4-8 Spy Satellite Uplink , 6-14 Prism Tower , 10-20 Pill boxes ,a bucnh of Power Plant s,3 Airforce Command Center full of Harriers and 8-10 Attack Dogs (For spies) on Land.In water, 4-5 Naval Shipyard,10 Destroyers , 5 Aegis Cruiser, 5 Aircraft Carrier and 10 Dol…

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  • Marshallamieron

    Superweapons is my Secondary weapons in the game of Red Alert 1-3. So Superweapons does not only ranges into destructive materials and Highly advanced Tecnology. It also ranges to many more(Spy Planes-Powerful Photon Collider). I'm showing the Superweapons in the main series.

    Lets Begin:Go to the Superweapons , Allied Units and Structures Summary

    (This is under construction)

    Allied base their Superweapons most in Flying crafts and Electric charges. They can still obtain other secret weapons went stolen by engineers.

    The Soviets have develop a Nuclear rich bomb to destroy the Allied but once again stop.From these,The Allies have build Nuclear Silo no different to Soviet Ones.With these,the Allied have taken advantage to the Soviets own powerful…

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