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  • Moskvin

    Well, this is in my opinion a complete timeline of the RA universe.

    Time travelling is very complicated.

    It seems that different time machines change times in "different" ways. For example:

    • the original Chronosphere (RA 1): Einstein travelled back in time, erased Hitler, eventually travelled back to the present, and the timeline changed a few minutes after (I think so because Einstein's assistant recognised him)
    • Gregor's machine: Soviets travelled back in time, erased Einstein, and eventually travelled back to completely different present.

    Now we think about this: if someone create a different reality, is there any reason why he should not be born in this new reality (except if he really kills himself in the past :D)?

    • When Einstein erased Hitler…

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  • Moskvin

    Affiliation boxes

    July 1, 2010 by Moskvin
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