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Tchutch's new Gen 2 art

I was browsing around the CnCSaga forums until I went to Tchutch's thread "CnC mérite un solo !" and I found this image:


The translation of the title in the middle says: "Command & Conquer deserves a solo mode". It looks like Tchutch also wants Generals 2 (or C&CF2P, whatever you like to call it) to actually have a proper singleplayer campaign.

What we know about C&C Generals 2 so far is:

  • There are three factions: the European Union, the Global Liberation Army, and the APA (Asian Protectorate Alliance ?)
  • The EU's main battle tank is called the Mk. 217 Paragon tank
  • In the concept videos of Generals 2, there maybe a rogue GLA faction lead by Danko.
  • General Pierre tried to take over North Africa

Here's is what I noticed on the image:

  • The top-left profile seems to be a senior European Union general
  • The top profile is Pierre, who is a French European Union general
  • The top-right profile looks like Jarmen Kell
  • The middle-left profile is the North African general seen in the "Catharsis" concept video, I'm not sure if he's EU or GLA, or even of the APA
  • The middle-right profile seems to be an Asian general, possibly General Zhao of the APA mentioned in the "Ace in the Hole" concept video
  • I'm not sure what the person in the bottom-left profile seems to be, but I assume he maybe affiliated to the APA
  • The bottom profile is the female general also seen in the "Catharsis" concept video affiliated to the North African general
  • The bottom-right profile is Danko, the GLA general who tried to kill Jarmen Kell in "the Dam" and executed an APA general

From what I saw from the concept videos, I can't believe that Victory Games at first scrapped the singleplayer campaign. I mean all these awesome concepts that could have been part of a possibly epic campaign that matches Starcraft II's were just thrown out for just the multiplayer!

Victory Games really need to actually think for a while before scrapping all of this singleplayer campaign concept and pissing off most of the community.

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